New to these boards, I am a community manager for a publishing house that runs a large number of community websites , I am responsible for usergenerated content on a couple of their websites, and also part of the team that sets the policies and strategies across the whole company.

I started of at the bottom end in my chosen profession and worked 25 years in it, as a hobby I set up a forum for other people doing the same job, I attracted a website in the USA (I am in UK) who had a forum for Americans doing the same job, to help me with hosting and developement, after a couple of years we moved away from the USA website, and in parnership with them set up the UK as a totally independant company (with the USA website owners as partners)

2 years ago I gave up working in my profession and went full time working on the website/forums, I and my American partners then recieved an offer from a international publishing house that wanted to move into the on-line arena in our area, and offered to take on and promote an existing website to than to build their own,

So here I am today....

45 yrs old, married, 2 brats (2.5 yrs old and 5 years old) living and working from home in North Yorkshire, and actually enjoying the job.

Hello and welcome to DaniWeb from your South Yorkshire based administrator...

Welcome....hope you'll enjoy it here!