I just recently jump into band wagon and tried VoIP for the first time. I subscribed to Onesuite SuiteAdvantage (been using Onesuite as a phone card but not as voip) to see how big is the difference with the voice quality between voip and your regular land line. I was suprised that there's not much.

Been reading a lot lately about voip and other providers and I think Voip providers are differrent from each other. In fact, other people think Skype is just like Vonage but it is not because Skype is peer to peer while the other voip providers like Magicjack and Onesuite aren't and has their own systems where your calls passes through (well just correct me if I am wrong)

Anyhow, even though I am enjoying the quality and the savings of Onesuite voip, I don't think its enough to convince me to drop my regular land line altogether. I still don't want to risk what happened to SunRocket subscribers which they lost their phone service all of a sudden and their business were greatly interrupted.

I don't use VoIP much at all really, i am rarely on Teamspeak/ X-fire for when i am gaming but i don't use Skype or anything.

I also use XFire on Americas Army. But lately I can't find time to play anymore.

Been a Viatalk user but switched to Onesuite when they changed their rates policy last year. So far I like the service and their low rates.

i use Skype, though i don't use it for landline... just for outgoing calls...

Skype. I have it on my pda so its good for wifi hotspots

Actually been using BT, they provide you with a Voyager router (slightly more reliable than its relatives) which routes your broadband and up to two phone lines over your ADSL connection. Have a Belkin wireless router running from that and all seems to be working great so far! The dial tone is a little different but apart from that the call quality is great as well.

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For those using Skype, are you using SkypeOut? Meaning do you use Skype for calling landlines too? Because I find Skype's rates to landline (especially international) a bit expensive compare to other voip or even phone card services like Onesuite. I guess if you just use it for skype to skype calls then it doesn't matter.

still cheaper than landline to landline

I believe Zdnet ran a trial between several voip providers recently, testing for charges, quality, service etc. Proberbly on their site still.

There was a problem for a long time (especially in the UK anyway) with users not being able to make 999 calls from a voip phone, providers claimed that the service was to be used in addition to a fixed or mobile line so it didn't need to support emergency calls.

However OFCOM recently ruled that voip has to support 999 calls, this could be the large number of businesses moving to voip or the fact that voip is now a household name.

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