I must say, there is 1 really annoying thing on DW... people that have projects, and the post requesting the solution to the ENTIRE project. Work project, school projects, whatever... grrr.... I see posts like "I have been hired to design a railway reservation system. How do I do this? Can someone give me some code to total the ticket prices?"

I hate it when people don't see DW as a place to get help, but rather a place to cheat. DW is an awsome place, with lots of great users... but there are those few...

That's my daily rant.
I think I am going to start a daily rant on DW.
Then people can rant about me ranting on DW.
That would be funny. Okay, it wouldn't be funny.

oh, ya, dw is cool. cool like dq. good ice cream there. good code here.

There are a few people here at DW who are still in grade school, and several more still in HS. I can forgive them for their ignorance because they don't know any better, although I still won't do their homework for them. Anyone who is HS graduate should know better and should feel ashamed of himself for trying to cheat like that. What we need is a virtual arm that can reach out to their monitors and slap the offending person silly.