I was going to make this a reply to another thread but decided not to because it would have hijacked that thread.

My favorite ice cream is Dairy Queen, IMO the best danged soft ice cream in the world. Although I haven't tried other kinds the world over, but I'll boast about it anyway.

My least favorite is Baskins & Robibns, not because the ice cream is bad but its too expensive, not worth the money they want for it.

So, what is your favorite ?

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We dont really have anything here in the way of icecream stores these days. You can either get it from the fast food places or the supermarket. Those are about your only two options.


I only have the expensive stuff when I'm at the cinema, (sometimes), otherwise I like vanilla ice cream. I can't stand chocolate icecream.

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This explains much...

I agree with uniquestar. B&J is good. Expensive. I was working in a shop before and it kept on going off (nobody was buying it), and I was told to throw out the gone off stuff... so I threw it into my buddy's boot. Had enough for about a month. Note to the wise -- B&J keeps well.


chocolate and rum and raisin just turn me downright cute. On the other hand I can't stand Vanilla Ice Cream...vanilla anything for that matter (including that horrible Tom Cruise movie).


Dreyer's Fudge Tracks - No Sugar Added. And I like McDonalds soft serve - it's sooo smooth and creamy.


Not a fan of ice cream ..

but those are the flavors that i can swallow
Vanilla / Mango / Choco

in that order .. mix them together? No problem!

Any brand will do ..


chocolate chocolate chip.
Ideally in combination with mint and/or pistacho.
Add some hot chocolate sauce for effect.


There's a place locally (I think it's a franchise, though) called the Cold Stone Creamery, where they scoop your ice cream onto a literal cold stone (looks like it might be black marble to me, but the frost keeps me from being certain) and prepare it with sprinkles, chocolate or peanut butter chips, etc...some of the best ice cream I've ever had was a mix of chocolate and mint, from there. Literal mix; one scoop of each, mashed into and through each other before serving.



do you by any chance like chocolate?

Now whatever gave you that idea?

I'm a proud chocoholic indeed, but I've got it under control. I'm down to about a pound a week :)


Favorite is Cold Stone ... a scoop of Cake Batter, a scoop of Cheesecake, beat together with cookie dough pieces, chunks of yellow cake, chocolate shavings, and a stream of fudge mixed in.

Second favorite is Cookie Dough Dippin' Dots, conveniently (or maybe not) five steps away from Coldstone.

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