n/e body have an opinion about "Site Build it"?
I'm going to create a website, got a great idea, not big on the whole manual scripting side though.:cheesy: So' I'm looking for an easy way to create a fairly complexed website. I was told this "Site Build it" is the cats meow. Constructive comments welcomed.

I used dreamweaver to create my site and it looks pretty proffessional.

Yeah, I'd say it's much easier to go with a Dreamweaver-designed piece of HTML... and yes, easier to make it look professional. :cheesy:

Hi all,

as I am an SBI user I thought I write a quick reply to LIMS2LIMS's question. My partner and I bought SBI in January this year and we've slowly built our web site since then, based on one of our hobbys (balloon decorating). Despite being online for just about 6 months now, we have already a (still small), but steady stream of visitors, a great Alexa Ranking and Google Pagerank of 2.

Contrary to Dreamweaver (which I used to build the web site of my "main" business, environmental services - this site has been up for about 5 or 6 years now, but gets almost NO traffic and has NO Alexa ranking), SBI is NOT just a software to build a web site. It is an all-in-one set of tools for building a BUSINESS via a web site.

Think of it: You say you have a great idea for building a web site, but your ultimate goal I suppose is to make money with your web site, and not just to put up a professional looking site that gets no traffic. :sad:

SBI provides all the tools you need to build a web site that works, and takes away all the techie stuff, so that you can concentrate on your main interest, whether that's a hobby or a business.

And SiteSell is the only web hosting company I've seen so far who shows real PROOF that their customers do succeed, with web sites in all sorts of areas.

Have a look for yourself, and also compare them with other web site building/hosting companies (note - these are NOT affiliate links):




And by the way, you CAN use Dreamweaver or any other HTML editor you are familiar with - they are all compatible with SBI.

kind regards