Good Afternoon Everyone,
My name is Kenny, I'm 53, live in rural Colorado. I own 2 printing companies, 40 miles appart. One is strictly offset printing, the old fashion way, manually shooting film, stripping, plate burning, the old printing presses with ink and water. The other location is digital, color printers, computers, file maniputaion, working with customer files (mostly correcting them), artwork and designing.
I've been intrigued with computers since their onset, so to speak, and have dabbled in building and repair my own computers for years. With the 2 business, I've gotten away from them for a while, and now with the digital part of my business becoming more important, I am getting back into working on them. Up until now I have had another Computer business owner do all my networking and putting together my systems for me, of course I paid him. But he has gotten more customers and now I am having a hard time getting him in to fix problems, and repair my network, so now I'm forced to working with routers, ip addresses, High speed hook up, etc.
My current problem is this, and I'm sure it is simple, but..., I am running 3 computers, 2 digital printers, wired to 2 routers, and have recently had wireless internet installed. I tried to connect the internet with wireless routers, and when I set them up, the routers gave me a message, that there was no signal. I say "routers" because I've installed 2 different ones
Netgear and Linksys. But I am able to plug the cat5 directly in one of my computers, and I pick up the internet just fine. So I bought a wired router "Linksys" to run everything, which is working well, except I am having a hard time figuring out how to enter the ip address so I can stay on the network and still operate between the computers, printers, and emial from my cutomers. Up until now I have to, on the computer I'm working on, go into my network options and enter either the network address and DNS, or when I receive files from the customers, go in and enter the ip adress for the internet get the emails, then reenter the address for the network so that I can continue to work. So any advice would be gratly appreciated.
Thank you

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