Dear Community,

My relation to ITs (in narrow sense) is limited by the experience in building 2 sites, SNIP and (mirror) SNIP. It was and is maybe the most interesting occupation in my (well long) life. Though I had other interesting occupations earlier: theoretical physicist, humorous and SF writer, journalist, translator, editor of translations, in last years as well analyst, methodologist, prognosist, social planner. It is why I was elected by FM in IAIT (International Academy of ITs in Minsk) and soon after that (spring 2001) I was proposed to organize IntelTech, i.e. Institute of Intellectual Technologies by IAIT. That is why my author sites above are IntelTech's, IAIT's and mine simultaneously.

So, in wide sense my ITs may be interesting even for you, specialists. I'd very like to count on your advices and participating in my main Internet project, "Creating the system of civilization security for 3rd millennium" SNIP proposing that 3 imperatives of human survival SNIP will get executing. If it was supported by you with your replies, advices, design and programming-systems decisions, I'd get then stimuli to promote it further. For example, I, as an IAIT Representative at an UN structure, the Department of Public Information, might appeal the united, bettered with your help project as a plenary talk at the nearest Conference NGOs associated with DPI/UN in September.

Best regards,

Hi welcome to Daniweb :)