I usually just lurk on sites, but since you asked me to introduce myself, I will. I am someone who uses computers all the time for work but cannot in any way call myself a geek or even very technologically sophisticated. I do enjoy solving puzzles, though, and enjoy watching experts solve complex problems. I have been impressed by the commitment hard-core techies have to solve the problems that crop up using programs that claim to help people but just cause more problems than they solve.


Hello Karinc and welcome to DaniWeb. Glad to see you aren't just lurking about any more. Very few people are born experts at anything but acquire that status through years of learning from others and many hours of practice. I've been at this for awhile now and still feel like a newbe sometimes.


i like helping people in the dead machines and windows xp forums but im not a proper techie, i have learnt everything from just helping people and trying things out myself :) i feel good if i can help someone with thier computer problems

Glad to have you with us!

Welcome to Daniweb! lol.. We aren't geeks(well, not me atleast! :P )