Hi my name is Jnr Daw and I am a complete novice, when it comes to actually talking about computers as opposed to using them! I have a problem at this time. But until I can find out what it is? I won't waste your time. Just popped in to say hi From rainy, stormy, snowy and last but not least COLD, Glasgow :-0

Ps Ahh the problem appears to be a shield on my taskbar that keeps launching IE to a web page http://www.virprotect.com/?aff=1012. Where I'm given the chance to buy their software to repair my PC which is OK! I have just discovered software that says it will remove virprotect.
for free. But this is a scam. All it did was scan. And then tell me I needed to purchase that software. I am sorry to have gone on a Rant in your coffee room. I'm off to have a real cup of tea :-)

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I would love to go to your hometown. How's the ice cream there? Does it melt that fast? Would love to try eating ice cream in a cold, snowy place. Anyways, welcome!

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