Hi All
as a 70+ retired engineer I thought my computer bashing days were over, but a very enthusiastic 12 year old Grand-daughter has other ideas!! She is tasked with learning programming (specifically Python) as a subject and I have by default inherited the job of Mentor.
Now this would be fine BUT my programming skills are limited to extensive forays into BASIC in the early 1970's and large Analogue machines prior to that. Soooo I have decided in order to keep the proverbial one step in front to approach the task from two angles, one using a Terminal (I use a Linux based system) in order to get over the basic concepts / syntax of coding, and secondly to employ an IDE environment (specifically BOA Constructor ). In order that the more familiar "GUI" end product is evident.
I would be most grateful for any comments / suggestions as to alternative routes to take and in anticipation give my grateful thanks.
Terry Thomas
aka terryt

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