I'd be interested to hear what people's current (or all time) favourite movies are!

Despite working for a film VFX company, my top favourite films feature absolutely no special effects at all! Just goes to show all that fancy stuff isn't needed when it comes to telling a goo story!

I'll start off by saying these are simply wonderful (and are mostly in order of favouritism starting off with):

- My Father's Glory
- My Mother's Castle
- Jean DeFlorette
- Manon Des Sources
- Cinema Paradiso
- Amelie



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Amelie was good; Run Lola Run, a German movie is very interesting as well, but my all time favorite movie is Good Will Hunting.



-Fight Club
-American History X
-Green Mile
-Life of David Gail
-In America
-Silence of the Lambs (A 3 in the series)
-The Shining
-The Exorcist


mine are:army of darkness
robin hood men in tights
the madness combat serise
air force 1
black hawk down


Lets see:
-Fear and loathing in las vegas
-Lord of the Rings Trilogy(although the books are better so read them first!)
-Ferris Buellers day off
-Dazed and Confused
-Pulp Fiction
-Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon



I could not "get" Run Lola Run. I understand the meaning of time, and the powerless feeling of trying to go back and change something to just encounter another struggle. Oh well.

Hands down, I think The Lord of The Rings is just superior with attention to detail, filming, sets, and the story explained. I really enjoyed that set of movies, and feel Peter Jackson & Co have set enormous standards.

I also enjoyed the Star Treks (although they have some flaws), and also Harry Potter.

I am really disappointed with Star Wars I and II in terms of the technological leaps Lucas makes. Why are the newer ships more sleek and modernized than the Original 3? I understand filming advances have been made, but why don't the Nubian vessals have buttons and switches, a la Millenium Falcon?

Enterprise did it correctly. No shields. Slow vessel. You feel you are going back into time stepping off Kirk's ship, and going into Archer's.

Worst disapointment? Matrix III.



- Zatoichi
- Donnie Darko
- Cowboy Bebop : Knockin' on Heaven's Door
- Shrek 1 & 2
- Bone Collector
- Forest Gump
- Monthy Python and Holy Grain :)
- Quentin Tarantinos' Movies

well lots of other i can't remember....


Bourne Identity/Supremacy
Enemy of the State
Jurassic Park
We Were Soldiers
The Hunt for Red October


Movies... Hmm.. I'm more of a comedy/romance person...

-50 First Dates
-Sleepless in Seattle
-Butterfly Effect
-Lord of the Rings (all three)
-Cowboy Bebop The Movie (one of the best anime!)
-The Matrix (All three)

And many more that I can't remember because I am bogged down with work


I was thinking about this for about an hour, and was going to plump for Return of the Jedi. How good finally overcomes evil, not only the rebels giving the republic a good whooping, but the personnal struggle of anakin Skywalker a.k.a Darth Vader. It's a great scene at the end, when he overcomes the emperor, despite only having one hand. But then i thought a bit more, and thought how much of the film I end up fast forwarding, half the endor stuff, the start, any bit with Lando Calaris whatever his name is.

Anyway, my final decision i thought would be a comedy, and theres no better that Hot Shots part deux. I have never laughed so much at a film as i did watching this. I even laughed at the stuff on the back of the video box on the way back from blockbusters, and then from when Sadam lights a cigar with an oil rig lighter, the apocalypse now take off, the jungle fight scene with the body count, the light saber battle, and the gladiator finish, it really is the best film ever made, I've been lmao just thinking about it now. And on top of that, I'm going to order it on DVD tonight.


Well guys I like:
gorgeous ( I love Jackie Chan's movies)
I am Sam
Brother Bear
50 first dates
A day without a Mexican


A few of my favourite movies are : dumb and dumber, cube, team america, blair witch project and men in black I-II, bad boys I-II. All of the nakedgun series as well.


i have no faves, but can think of a few i consider rather good.

24/7, by shane meadows
ordinary people
mystic river
21 grams
leaving las vegas


- Cinema Paradiso
- Amelie

Based on recommendations, they are 2 films I want to see.

My favourite films:

The Usual Suspects
Toy Story
Infernal Affairs
The Motorcycle Diaries
Analyze This
LOTR: The Fellowship of the Ring
True Romance

My favourite recent film:
Ocean's Twelve

This topic reminds me of my list on Your Movie Database http://www.ymdb.com/user_top20_view.asp?usersid=21555


Rat Race! :mrgreen:

Great film, love the Hitler car scene. I tried to recommend this film to loads of people after i saw it, but no one listened. Where are they now eh


I like "million dollar baby". Don't be put off by it being a bird boxing, its really good. sad ending though - LOOK AWAY NOW! - you know the part where she keeps biting her toung and askin clint to finnish her.

Also, kickboxer 2

And all bruce lee :lol:

:rolleyes: loads more


LOL.. Scary movie 3 probably was the best movie. I havent seen Hitch But I so desparetly want to, though.


Scary movies okay to see maybe 2 times a year then you get bored and skip around to the good parts.


Scary movies okay to see maybe 2 times a year then you get bored and skip around to the good parts.

Scary movie 3 is a comedy. I know, Its madness!

I dont like to watch scary movies, im a big chicken, dawn of the dead freaked me out...


The first time I saw signs and they showed the "home" movie of the alien I nearly soiled my self.

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