Which is the better search engine?

Most people say try googling it

Hmm I would have to say Yahoo!. A lot of Google's practices aren't what I would call "better" than Yahoo!'s.

Google is more than yahoo

'Better' in what respect?

I think it depends. Both have their issues. One thing I will say, Google's interface is a LOT cleaner, a lot nicer, and their mail app is far superior. As far as which one is better for searching, though...don't know, google is obviously the industry standard, but that could change.

Yahoo is a little like Microsoft, always trailing behind in technology. Look what others have and copy or buy it.

I've not used Yahoo (personally) since 1998, so Id have to say Google. I only use Yahoo for SEO and Marketing for clients, as well as Google.

Just out of interest...

Google has another search engine called Search Mash: http://www.searchmash.com

I've always used Google....so i stuck with it

I vote for google too. Never used yahoo but I doubt it can beat google's search eigine for speed and number of links. Of course on the otherhand who realy need 100 million hits for a simple question ?

I remember using metacrawler and go.com as well as altavista. even in those days yahoo wasn't any good.
and since google came out everything else just stopped existing.

google >= live search > yahoo.


I've tested yahoo against google several times,using the exact same wording,and each time,google was faster,more concise,and to the point.
I have some privacy issues with google,but so be it.
They all collect TOO much info,so what do you want from me?!

Yahoo is ok, but google is much better.

Google is evil, Yahoo is a bunch of yahoos...

I'd rather deal with yahoos than with horned ones.

google is just google, incomparable, others are just child

G factor rocks whereas Y factor yucks.. :P

but in any case both are best & no offense

I am so used to google. I dont like yahoo's interface!

I! Havent! used! Yahoo! since! I! was! 12!

anyway, yeah, google.

(I read the register tooo much)


I have some privacy issues with google,but so be it.
They all collect TOO much info,so what do you want from me?!

Perhaps scroogle is of interest then.

Yahoo just announced a major layoff of close to 1000 of its employees. Maybe that means that its search engine isn't as good as Google's?

and google are hiring, and hiring and hiring some more :)

Dave, thanks for Scroogle
Also thanks to Anonymous86 for

I like this prayer:

Our Google which art in cyberspace,
Hallowed be thy domain.
Thy search to come,
Thy results be done,
On my computer as it is in the WWW.
Give us this search our daily results.
Forgive us our spam, as those that have
spammed up against us.
And lead us not into infected sites,
But deliver us from Trojans.
For thine search engine is the greatest,
and the power,
and the glory,
For search after search.


I am bound by my signature to say this:
I shall not yahoo!

Well it looks like Microsoft might buy Yahoo, so would that mean any change in the engin's technology?