Do You use gmail?

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Brad Majors...

I have one, but I don't generally use it. I got one just for the sake of getting one.

Novelties, but gmail is fairly useful

Do You use gmail?

yep I use gmail for my main e-mail source

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I already did:P

Man! I never get a G-Mail invite. Oh well, if I had it, I'd use it... If not, oh well. Life goes on!

Man! I never get a G-Mail invite. Oh well, if I had it, I'd use it... If not, oh well. Life goes on!

PM me or send an email to the account I listed in the Gmail sticky thread at the top of the forum. I can probably help you out... ;)

i have 17 at the moment if anyone needs one

Have had it for five days courtesy of links provided in this forum ..... useful for storage and as a spam catcher ....

I definetly agree with the spam catcher part, it has a VERY acurate spam filter and gets even more acurate as you tell it which e-mails are spam that it misses

what :eek: the poll on gmail :mad: :idea: :rolleyes:

No, but I hope to get it soon.

I use Gmail, and form what I can see I love it, and to me it seems as it's even better than my current MSN E-mail, although it does have some ads but they aren't very noticible to me unless I want to look at them. :D

6 invites are burning a hole in my pocket. Anyone?

I have upwards of 200 invites simmering in my pocket.

I don't use it. In fact I've blocked the entire domain causing any mail from GMail accounts to be bounced.
If someone wants to send me email, send it from an account where Google doesn't harvest the entire message content including my contact information.

Yes for testing email server purpose ~~~

Also sign here when youve voted!

Steveneven ;)

I mainly use a account, they dont have any adds. The storage is only 10 mb, which is not much but is enough for me. One thing i like about gmail is its auto forwarding service, no other free email service lets you do that.

Gmail is my primary now, but it doesn't always want to send all my messages, which isn't useful at all. I'm considering going back to my free hotmail account because of that.

I've got one captain!