Ok here’s how it works you put the amount of money you want it doesn’t have to be an acutely currency it can be your teddy bear Mr. teddy

Then the next person would say what I got

You got a sombrero

*Mr. Teddy

The next person would repeat that form and replace it with their own

Ill start


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Your used copy of Windows ME bought you 1 slightly used SEARS poncho, (NOT a REAL MEXICAN poncho, mind you), with a big mustard stain on the chest.

One slightly used can of Chopped Prunes


Your brand new paper clip is fastened to a sheet of paper. The paper lies in your office for 11 days, 12 hours, 16 minutes and 34 seconds before a slight breeze from the window flaps the corner of the page to reveal a coffee stain on the desk. That night you shift through your paper work and you accidently rub your finger against the coffee stain, you have a look around to see nobody is watching and then lick the stain from your finger, it tastes good, it remindsyou of the last time you had a warm coffee when you where on holiday in france. Your memories of france remind you of the eiffel tower jigsaw puzzle you have in your attic, you deicde to walk out of the office and grab the flap to pull down the attic ladder from the ceiling. As the ladder slides down, a mysterious 50p coin falls and hits you on the head before rolling accross the floor into our bedroom. You decide to follow the coin on into your bedroom to be presented with your cat choking on the coin. Anyway, 2 hours later your cat is on the operating table getting the coin removed from its throat by a german "cat surgeon"m well you have had enough, you panic and rush in to see what they are doing to your cat, you look in disust at what you see on the operating table. The german surgeon moved you on to the waiting room and notices you have gone pale, he offers you astarberry lolly, you jsut put it in your pocket........there we go! The brand new paper clip has got you a strawberry lolly!


Your coke gets you a bonsai tree plant

I have a juniper bonsai

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