Was nearly born with a computer in hand, I love my calculator in third grade and now love my black boxes.

I have to fiber connections from a ISP going to my house. I work for a hosting company in LA full time for about 5-6 years now. I also play drums, love my girlfriend and want to have 5 kids someday.

Oh I also have about 10 blogs, they for animal rights, centenarians, about me, and other random stuff I'm interested in.



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Hi chaze, welcome to daniweb.

Unfortunatelly I had to edit your post, can you please in spare time have look at daniweb policies. Thank you for understanding

I will for sure, sorry about that!

I have been reading this forum since I signed up, great stuff.


chase im jamesbarson will like u to train me almost a bigginer want to be like you

Sure, what are you most interested in as a hobby or for fun on the computer? Besides games, I don't do any game stuff other then play them.

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