Good day biys and girls...Just a random question...what's behind your screen name? By that I mean, why did you choose your screen name? Personally, I just put some letters together, cause i wanted to join the forum in such a rush i didn't think of a senseable screen name....would love to your story!

twomers is a play on my surname (or second name if that's what ye say).

>> would love to your story!
Me too.

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Nickname me brother's friends gave to me because they think I'm grumpy. It has stuck with me ever since.

Grumpy as in Scrooge?

Spyrilautte is a crazy spelling I came up with a while ago that's supposed to represent the phrase "Spiral out."

I agree- it's kind of fun to hear the significance of everyone's names.

jx_man -> composite of my first name n last name.
actually my first name is jerry and my last name Man.... (sensored). so i mix my name J_Man, but i still felt that something less in my nick name then i added x and became Jx_Man. :)
This My Nick Name Story, How About You Friends...

Sturm is a character from my favorite series, Dragon Lance. It's ironic because I hate Sturm in the story with a passion, with Raistlin instead receiving my pick of favorite character. Though I like Raistlin better, I like the name "Sturm" more.

I got my first car as a birthday gift / HS graduation gift when I turned 17 and very soon after started a B.S. in Computer Science. At my university, all majors had three letter abbreviations, so Comp Sci was abbreviated CSC. Since I was one of only three CSC girls in my freshman class, I decided to get the vanity plate CSCGAL for my new car.

About a year later I started and went by the internet name TechTalkGal. A year after that, I rebranded TechTalkForums as DaniWeb, and TechTalkGal no longer made sense. Therefore, due to lack of creativity, I just decided to use the alias that I had previously named my car two years earlier.

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I decided to get the vanity plate CSCGAL for my new car.

I would so cringe, if someone did that. It's so lame.

How did I come up with my name? Typo I guess.

Ancient Dragon comes from the Dungeons & Dragons role playing game that I started playing some 10-15 years (or more) ago. I still like to play Diablo LOD computer game.

jonifen is how my real name is said by people (because of their accents) where I live... in particular my fiancée :)

cool, daniweb still retained the tech talk branding a little for a while though? im pretty sure that when i joined, they were being used interchangibly (back in the day of the pink colour scheme;) )

im jbennet because thats my real nme (lol, lack of imagination) but i used to be called proliant_fan as the reason i joined daniweb was to get help with a compaq proliant server , but then when that got binned, i got my name changed to jbennet

>>but then when that got binned
Is binned a new slang term for drumk or intoxicated ? I know you blokes can do a lot of heavy drinking because I've seen it with my own eyes :)

Since 'naveen' was already taken and nav33n wasn't, I decided to 'take' it ! Btw, Naveen is my name.

>>but then when that got binned
Is binned a new slang term for drumk or intoxicated ? I know you blokes can do a lot of heavy drinking because I've seen it with my own eyes :)

lol no (i was like 14 at the time ;) ) i meant that my parents made me bin it (take it to landifill site) because it was too bulky :(

lots of drinking fun soon though, im 18 in like 10 days w00t

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Name picked for another site; I've generally used it on most of those I sign up for. I keep it because I like the 'indirect' connotation it picked up somewhere along the way.

Mine is a combination of the nick name for my first name then the initial for my real names. been using this for decades for every thing, everywhere

Mine is just an RPG character screen name I've used many times over the course of several years.
And no, I'm not Jewish nor do I play one on TV. (Evidently some think it's a Jewish name)

Pseudo-jewish to my ears; it's a bit like the name 'Ezra', of historical importance to pre-christian judaism, and it has the same kind of multi-sound ring as some of the jewish prophets, but I don't think the name itself is actually jewish. I'm willing to be corrected on that, though.

Usually the characters are necromancers or warlocks, so kind of an "archaic evil" kind of thing.

I go to Las Vegas a lot to eat, drink and gamble. Gambling costs money, drinks and food are mostly free!

Basically I wanted a name that wasnt used much and I wanted it to be african, I heard my friend talking about "impies" and asked he what are they and he told me.

I use this name all over the place now, If you see uniquestar on a forum, then its generally me.

I first used the name when joining DaniWeb, and I was looking for some help with my VB coursework. I thought about vbguy, or helpvb or something along those lines, but then decided I wanted something that I could use all over the place.

At the time I was working on an RM thin client with the USB slots on the side of the monitor. When choosing my name I looked up and saw my 512MB USB Stick in the side of the screen which had the name "Uniquestar" on it. I liked it and it stuck.

My first name actually is Niek, but I'm in a band with another Niek, so my name changed to Niek_E to avoid confusion and thats's how I've been called eversince :P

scud... I stole this from my brother a long time ago :P

Whenever I play Counterstrike, I use scud... then in one of the maps in CS (forgot the name), there was an easter egg space with many names written on it. One caught my attention: 'mikezilla' and I just transformed my name into what it is now. ;)

I am "meistering" (master) my lard, which means I keep my weight down. The most important thing to do after New year.

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It's a name of a baasketball player.I put 12 after his name.

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I named myself after my favorite [s]Comic book[/s] <<okay, darn it - how do I do that strikethrough thingy??>> graphic novel from the 80s. GrimJack was one of the coldest/coolest characters ever!! I think there were about 90 comics in the series - which was just re-released and 6 new comics issued after almost 20 years of copywrite battles. I use it whereever I can so if you see a GrimJack or (as a last resort) GrmJck, it is probably me.

I can't remember where I got the Avatar but I love it (every once in a while one of the eyes will gleam).

Mine is just some letters that rolled out of a random string generator.