Hello, im new to this community. I'm a python fan.

Im 14 years of age.

Cheers :)

Welcome to Daniweb!

Welcome To Daniweb Friend.. :)

Welcome to Daniweb !

Glad that you could join us!

Thanks for the welcoming. I Just noticed the sticky at the top so I might aswell post my profile.

Name: Richard
Nickname: Dick(hate it) and Dyson
Location: Cardiff, Wales, UK
Age: 14
coding languages: Python(still learning it), HTML, CSS, enough javascript,
Hobbies: Music, Swimming(I swim in the WASA competions), Guitar(grade 6), Going to heavy metal gigs, programming, web development, photoshop, linux, watching lost(im a lost geek) and eating food. Im basically into anything computer related.

Concerts I have been to: The black crusade, Trivium, Tsunami concert, Paul gilbert, Iron maiden and some local battle of the bands.

Favourite Music: Metallica, Hellyeah, Slipknot, ShadowsFall, Trivium, Anthrax, Machinehead, Lamb of god, Slayer. I can't be bothered naming them all.

Education: Currently doing my GCSE's. Im studying Geography, Diploma in digital applications(double IT), Music and Core science.

Favorite Food: Indian food, pasta, chicken, pizza. Too lazy to name all the food I enjoy eating.

Favorite Movies: Blue streak, Terminator, Back to the future, Star Wars, The mummy, Rush Hour.

Favorite TV Shows: Lost!! The Simpsons, Heroes, Life on Mars, Jungle run(haha).

Favorite Video Games: Jack And Daxter, Team fortress 2, Ape Escape, Worms.

Stuff you Dislike: Waking up early for swimming sessions.

cool i like much the same stuff

i paly bass

cool i like much the same stuff

i paly bass

Yeah I noticed when I saw your avatar :)