I just cleaned up my computer desk and I noticed how much cool stuff I had on my desk...

So I though I would start a thread to see what other people would have on their desk...

I'll start it off:

I have a basketball (very small)
A Rock
and a Fish Tank with Sea-Monkeys

LOL with the dragon.....very funny.......on my desk i have MY COMPUTER MONITOR with speakers, a bunch of utility cd ( easy to reach) stack of book/magazine BILLS lots of that,,,,hahaha...battery charger ( Use rechargeable batteries for mouse and key board) Dental floss,,i floss like every hour, addicted i guest, and a bunch of hard drive used for easy acces in external case

I got my controllers for flight sim

my computers sit under my desks :)

a plastic glass, tv remote control, aerial for my tv tuner and a some books.

Technically, the only thing 'on' my computer desk is a glass plate. It was cut to fit the size of the table (They almost got a perfect fit...), so everything else sits on it.

A cup of cold coffee, a half empty bag of Milano Double Chocolate cookies, and a Firemen calendar my sister gave me. Wow, those guys sure wear skimpy uniforms.

Ummm...I've a CAT on my desk:D My kitten likes to sleep here, near the monitor and me :D Bet not many have that :D

I have books, notebook, headphone, charger ash tray, lighter etc on my computer desk other than the computer.

Ummm...I've a CAT on my desk:D My kitten likes to sleep here, near the monitor and me :D Bet not many have that :D

Until we swapped out our 19" CRTs for LCD displays, wife and I both often had cats sleeping on the monitors. Nice and warm.

One of the cats is still a bit puzzled why she can't jump up there to her former cozy spot.

Other items on my desk - bills, several notepads, cup full of pens, telephone, pile of CDs, headphones and a speaker/headphone switch, several dustbunnies.

Well, the top layer has a plushy cthulu(sp), a bunny-man in a noose, assorted CDs (games, music and data), books, pay stubs, coffee stains (bottom layer), UPS -- there is more, it is BIG corner-type desk. I finally took my (portable??!) O.E.D. off the desk and put it back on the shelf, this left a nice blank spot so I can clean that area, start the process of picking stuff and deciding if it is to remain on the desk or go into a 'stuff' box (I have filled 2 computer paper boxes with stuff over the years and now those need organizing, sigh), then cleaning that area etc.

Let's see:

Two CD spindles,
A really old pringles can,
Misc. sheets of paper,
receiver for media center remote
my razor,
my cell phone,
two flash drives,
rubbing alcohol,
monitor + speakers,
mp3 player,
pencils and blank sheets
scrabble tiles

Yes...I live here...

commented: haha.. damn, you win :P +12

OMG i can`t believe there is so useless documents, photos, pictures etc. on my desk... i`ll clean it... maybe...

I've got everything from calculator manuals and tuxedo buttons to fungal cream and foreign currencies. The only thing I keep clear is a path to my monitor so I can see what's on my screen.

Half full bottle of Beaujolais, will be empty soon.