My name is Bill and I am in the US Army stationed in Iraq

I found the website by researching an inssue that I had with my computer.

Seemed like there was quite a bit of knowledge out there and figured I would tap into it.

Great to be on board and hopefully I will get the right tech with the right answer...looking forward to working with you all.


Welcome to Daniweb Bill !

Welcome To Daniweb Friend ;)

I spent some of my Army time in Vietnam, so I can sympathize a bit.
I looked at your thread.
This IP:
indicates you are not getting an IP from the router. It's the IP assigned when you don't get a DHCP address. It can't be changed after it's assigned.
This problem often stems from:
Firewall issues (Temporarily disable)
Driver updates (See if one's available)
Some people have had luck with removing IPV6
I'd take a look at the router settings, too, and see if there's some kind of limit on connections.
Have you tried connecting wirelessly?

Hughv, (BS, PH, CIB) Hope the injury wasnt too serious.
Thanks for the post reply....I take my hat off to all of you that were in Vietnam. I spent some time in Panama when I first joined the Army and the Jungle is NO JOKE....that was about 19 years ago, I digress!

Back to the issue at hand that is driving me CRAZY!
1. I have disabled the firewall
2. I have Updated the Driver for my NIC (One of my Soldiers has the same NIC and has a previous version of the driver, Might try that later tonight)
3. Removed the IPv6 (well, disabled it but dont know how to remove it)
4. Have tried Winsock reset
5. Have tried IP Stack reset
6. Have modified the registry
7. AM GOING OUT OF MY Oh well, I guess there are more things in this wold that are more important than this.....just would make talking to the wife and emailing easier without walking all the way across the

Thanks for all the help though.....take care and I will talk to you later.


Glad that you could join us!

I did a little time in Panama, too.
Jungle School, which was almost as bad as VN.
Tell me about the wireless connection.
Does anyone have access to the router's settings?
The injury was more frightening than serious-don't much care for machine guns anymore.
To remove IPv6


Open Network Connections.


Right-click any local area connection, and then click Properties.


Click Microsoft TCP/IP version 6 in the list of installed components, and then click Uninstall.


In the Uninstall Microsoft TCP/IP version 6 dialog box, click Yes.


Click Close to save changes to your network connection.
It won't hurt to reinstall the adapter.

Thanks for the updated info. I am copying the info down and will get to it when I get back to the living area.

Yeah, how'd you like Green Hell? I went through Jungle School back in the day.....not back in your day....but back in my day... :-)

Yeah, cant says that I like being on the receiving end of ANY weapon, especially these freakin IEDs now. They have ones called EFP (Explosive Formed Projectile) and they basically shoot a copper plate formed into a bullet but the size of your fist. It completely ri;ps through the Armor of the vehicles...pretty nasty.....almost like having a SABO round come through the vehicle......very bad news.

Talk to you later....thanks again for the advice.


And another thought-
Disconnect one of the other computers and use their ethernet cable. That should eliminate the router settings as a possible cause.
The VC were very good with booby traps, and often used dud rounds in most ingenious ways. I operated in Cu Chi, where the large tunnel complexes were located. We had no idea, even after months of ops that they were there.
A motivated enemy is a pain in the ass.