Hi people...
I'm new here.
So, Here's something about me:
~My name: "Well, try making funny names about me"
~Age: "Not sure... (But I am 15)"
~Location: "New Zealand"
~ others.....

Something about my stuff =

First of all: "Well basically, I've made a forum around 2 months ago. I don't quite have much members there. So, to have more members in it, I would like to make an ad here. In case you want to join... You know!" Here's the link: http://veis.clictopic.net/index.htm

"Join! Basically, it's about anything. You can talk about anything, anything you can think of! It's fairly new, but it's growing ... so join. *begs*

"And don't ask what Dre’Veis means. I know it means something in another language. I just thought I made it up, but when I searched Google, the results were like, Spanish, Arabic, and some other languages".

Well... let's continue.. (About me part)

Gender: "Male"

School: " I kind of hate my school. People kept on teasing me and they even bully me. There's a reason. But I'm not going to tell. Top Secret."

Dislikes: Insects, Bullies, Homeworks, Yelled at, and the list goes on forever"
Likes: Puppies, Cats, Friends, iPod, Beach, Volley, Basket, Skateboarding... and much more!"

I think that's all about me.. What should I write again.

Nice Introduction Robert.
Welcome To Daniweb Friend :)

Welcome! I hope you enjoy it here.

Glad to have you with us!

Welcome to our community!