Finally hit 300 posts, and only took a little under 3 years. As a side note I think this is the first time I've ever posted in the Geeks' Lounge.

commented: Congrats =D .. +4

Hmm.. I suppose I will congratulate you. But don't make it a habit to make pointless threads every time you get a few hundred posts...


Keep geeking in the Geek's Lounge, and you will hit 4,800 posts real soon.

You could even LOL your way to reach jbennets 9,900 post count.

I think I'll stick to the Software Development and Web Development forums but thanks :)

Congrats :)

Congrats to you on post #3000 :)

Uhh.. it's actually 300.

Uhh.. it's actually 300.

oops i didnt notice the extra 0 there.

oops i didnt notice the extra 0 there.

Dude! you noticed an extra 0 there :P

Btw, Congrats ShawnCplus!

commented: he meant that he didn't notice the extra zero he typed by mistake in his reply <_< *slaps* +4

I just made 700 posts! I am bringing out the champaign!