What is it that most intrigues you, the most important thing you pursue?


Programming and Rubik's cubes.

What is ... the most important thing you pursue?

Getting my afternoon nap :)

Scewin' w/ people

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hedgehogs and whiskey!

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Learning things I don't need to.


I think, behind the bravado I put up, I like helping people. It doesn't necessarily matter what it is, I'm creative and flexible enough to help with a variety of things.

I feel at my best when I have helped someone confront their deepest and darkest insecurities.

It is difficult to better yourself if you are unwilling to acknowledge your own problems; or when you try to mask them behind a facade.

Sometimes, I feel like I neglect myself. However, I'm never short of friends or people craving for my attention. Weird. LOL

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Taking pictures

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You're so misunderstood!

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I like reading, skiing, Rubik Cubes.

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I like reading, skiing, Rubik Cubes.
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Music is the biggest part of my life.Basketball is probably the second.Haha...Memphis almost lost to UAB and now I got tickets to the next game against UAB.:D

Friday is gonna be when the Mavericks shred the Grizzlies.Poor Grizzlies..no way to contain Jason Kidd and Dirk Nowitzki.:P

My passion is cars. I always have the hood up fixing something. Of course, all I can afford is some old clunker.


Also, breaking things (not destructively, just finding ways in which they don't function as intended or the intended behavior has a flaw). Especially code.

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Being nice to the women in my life.

aviation, aircrafts......just cannot live without 'em
thats why i devised <url snipped>

aviation, aircrafts......just cannot live without 'em
thats why i devised <snipped URL>

I like those noisy beasts too! My steady BF is in the US Air Force.

My passion is music. full stop.

Music has to be my biggest passion as well, though there is so many in my life, I could not live without it. Finding new music listening to new bands and hitting the old stuff to bring back memories and feelings from years ago. I have 178 Gb of music on my hard drive and there aint much i have'nt listen to.

That's the most awesome thing about music. No matter who you are or where you're from, there is *some* type of music that just hits the right note with you. I'm lucky in that at a young age, I found out that I don't have to conform to cultural preferences and was free to explore the world for whatever tastes I liked. While my music library may not be as vast as Steve's (nice) there are many songs in there from scores of different cultures and backgrounds, and each and everyone of them invokes something--even if just a mundane memory.

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Well its safe to say, we all embrace music here, perfect!

i like bass guitar, whisky and daniweb