I started a project I do not have the skills for yet. I have been touched by the multi touch virus (see www.nuigroup.com) and planned to build my own multitouch table. The key thing is detecting touches on the table and let the computer do something useful with it. Google for Jeff Han, the man who started it all, and watch some amazing youtube demos.

What I have in mind is the use of asci art video from vcl for detecting blobs (touches that appears on the screen as groups of a certain character) See: http://nuigroup.com/forums/viewthread/1306/.

I started programming on my macbook with Xcode last week and now I have a program that can generate vectors filled with 0 and 1 characters and detect the "blobs" in the vector and output the location.


The final idea is to pipe the asci art output of vlc or some other video program into a program that processes the screens and can trigger the actions needed. (move a window, drag a photo, play a tone etc.). Since a week I'm in the learning process as far as C++ is concerned although programming is not completely new for me. I have spend hours and hours finding out how to pass a vector filled with integers ( 0 and 1) as a parameter of a called function but without success until now. Or more general, how to make use of a vector created in another function. I hope some of you will help me when I ask my newbe questions on the forum.

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