Hi folks, nice to meet y'all.
I'm in Lincolnshire, "the bit of England that sticks out in the North Sea" As a job I guess it is working with 'puters, like most of you's. I'm in Web/Dev with my own LAMP system in a cupboard under the stairs.

I'm in my mid fifties and started playing with these things in the days of the Zilog-Z80 when to get anywhere it had to be MC. Now I suppose a bit more specialised?? in that I seem to have got stuck with PHP. Ah well, we all have our cross to bear.

I spend lots of time telling people how not to loose data, how not to get virus's, how not to... Oh dear this is getting boring for you all.

Okay, I love the outdoors and travel and spend as much time as I can in my favourite country, Poland. Usually in or around Wrocław - and międzyborż (Syców) especially - and hunting for wild mushrooms (not the magic variety!!!)

I love classical music and get to concerts as often as possible. The Opera House in Wrocław is superb!

I play some guitar, though not well now - arthritis is a bind sometimes - rock and rock-blues - used to play in a small pub band. It was good fun and a real good excuse to sample the effect of mixing hops and malt together to make REAL beer; one of the things I miss when I'm abroad is real beer.

My second-third and fourth hobby(s) is(are) cooking and I'll have a go at anything - really, including rattlesnake - just the once! Favourite food is beef in any form including tartare with the raw egg. But I like Italian food and of course Bigos, and Pirogi, and Barszcz!

Favourite wine is Spanish (Sorry for all you Californians ... but) heavy, 10 year old oaked Extremadura when I can get it; which is about 7 days a week.

I live in the "pretty" part of Lincolnshire, not the flat boring bit around Boston, but in the hills further north, overlooking some of the prettiest scenery in the county. I love travelling, but I also I also get terribly homesick for Lincolnshire.

Favourite saying comes from a Steven King novel - but I can't repeat it here. Read "Dreamcatcher" SSDD folks!

I use that saying just about every day, especially when my CMS goes up the spout. I look after a few small businesses in the local area and am currently developing a bespoke interface (MySQL) for a local car franchisee to handle their vehicle records.

Finally I know you's will all help me if and when you have the time. If I can do the same for anyone I'll try to pass on my experiences and hope they help you too.

Welcome! I am a huge Stephen King addict. I own and have read almost every single book he has written. I too love that saying from Dreamcatcher.

Welcome to Daniweb friend :)

Welcome to Daniweb coffeepot !