Hi all, Great site we have here. So much great info avail from so many helpful,fun people.. Think of all the money and even more valuable, time we save. The great thing is that no matter what problem we have, someone else has already been down that road. Most likely they, or another user will come back with the answer..My interests run to fun things (even though I have weathered a few/lot of summers) like ex skydiver, I have two Jeeps and a Rocsta 4x4 fully kitted,difflocks etc (made in Korea..diesel), like doing on board video (have 2 x solid state recorders), like editing video (Final Cut Pro & iMovie 8), Photoshop CS (also just ordered Appleā„¢ Apeture as P/S is costing too much.Lot of stuff I don't need), We have 10+ PC in our biz but I prefer to use Mac's for my own work/play, have close to 19,000 pix on my iView data base (includes my air to air skydive shots and six years action in army), DVD's have me hooked..I am loading,the dumping all my VHS/ 8mm tapes I took onto DVD. Have also had my 8mm films of my skydive/army action processed by those legends in that field, <snipped URL> in NSW Australia.. Love going offroad and camping with other like minded folk. Love a drop or two of Port wine. I tell the truth often so most of the above is bordering on fact;-) Can't tell you all the negative stuff, or ypu'll never talk to me again.

Weocome to DaniWeb Rocky. Hope to see you around a lot.

Hi... Welcome To Daniweb Friend :)

Welcome to Daniweb:)
hope you're active!

Thanks guys..Don't be afraid to give me a nudge if I'm not active.. Great site.Great folk.

Welcome to Daniweb Rockyone ! :)

G'day fellow Aussie, Welcome to Daniweb:)

Glad to have you with us!

Hi and Welcome to Daniweb :)
Hope you stay here, and get to know some of us