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We usually don't allow username changes as it just goes against the whole sense of community - afterall, we all know each other on here by our usernames. However, I do make exceptions if you provide me with a new username.


owww ! I would have wanted to change mine too but I know most of the people know me by this name ... and I dont wanna get lost :)


Nanosani, that's the exact reasons why I don't condone username changes. We're a community - and we know each other only by our usernames. If everyone went and constantly changed usernames, the community would fall apart.


Is it possible to change my name? :!:

Note: Anything is possible.

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And you bumped a five year old thread to let everyone know?
Yeah, like bumping a 5 year old thread with meaningless shit. Thanks a lot, douchebag.
*bumping a dead thread is bad.. mmmk.. *
what was the point?!?
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