I am certain that my Mac is being used by some unauthorised third party to send out e-mails. I ferquently get messages telling me that mail delivery failed. Invariably, these messages concern a mail that I am unaware of and are to an address I have never heard of.

An example of one such returned mail is:

Subject: =?iso-8859-1?B?T3JkZXIgVmFsaXVtIERpcmVjdGx5IGZyb20gSGVyZQ==?=
Sent: Sat, 18 Sep 2004 14:23:37 +0000

did not reach the following recipient(s):

If anybody knows how I can stop this, I would be grateful for advice.

I am on Broadband, using Mac 10.3

Thanks in anticipation.

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Email is probably being spoofed. You may not be able to stop that. Anonymous email seemingly originating from someone elses email address is not hard to do and the error messages come back to you.

Another possibility is some sort of worm but I doubt that because you said that it was sent to an address you never have heard of... worms usually just send emails to people in your addressbook.. and you're using a mac and i haven't heard of any widespread mac worms...

Maybe contact the server admins of the server that sent the error message. They can easily get the IP address of the computer from where the message was sent from and then you can report to the server dudes admining the server that that IP is pointed at.

maybe someone else has a better solution


Thanks for your thought on this annoying situation.

Having given the problem a little more thought, I suspect that the RAQ4 server at my ISP is the machine being used. I will contact them as suggested and see if they can affect a cure.

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