My name is Barton Sherwood. I plan on becoming American Idol 2009 so watch for me. Im serious about this too. I made it to second round this year and forgot the words. I will keep you posted on this. I am entering this site because i want to be able to learn more about the computer and networking in order to better run my new business which is pulling in 2-3k a week. I found this amazing system that works all through the computer. I love it. I need better skills marketing though. If anyone knows where and how to place adds let me know.

It is good to meet everyone.

Barton Sherwood

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>>If anyone knows where and how to place adds let me know
Check out all the Sight Management forums. Otherwise, advertising is strictly forbidden on DaniWeb. You can, if you want, put your link(s) in a signature available in the Control Panel, link at the top of the page.

Ads also here

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