Hi all,

I am a mom of 3, one boy and two girls ages 9, 8 and almost 2. I am trying to teach myself to program while at home with my youngest. I have so far managed to learn some php and am currently working on learning to write php using Object oriented programming.. I am thinking of learning some other programming languages but haven't decided which one yet.

I joined this site so then I may be able to get some sage advice and help while I am learning how to program.

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welcome , you are in a good place.

Welcome to Daniweb friend :)
fell free to post your problems

Welcome to DaniWeb -- being a mom is the world's toughest job. Glad to see that you have some time to spare while the kids are in school and the baby's asleep. Narue, our Super Mod, is also a mom and a damed good programmer too. So I know you will get lots of excellent help here at DaniWeb.

Glad to have you with us!


its very good to set up Linux , PHP, MySQL and Apache in a virtual machine and try a big project. i made a libary management system.

Welcome to Daniweb mom_of_3 ! php is pretty easy to learn !

Thanks for the warm welcome all. I am really glad that I joined this site, as it seems that this is a really kind and helpful group. I have tried getting php help in some of the irc chats and haven't found them to always be a friendly bunch.

Between looking after my older children, running a home daycare and having a 3rd child, some how I have managed to teach myself a bit of php. My goal is continue to improve my php and programming skills in general and to hopefully start to learn another language by years end.

I find my biggest obstacle is confidence. I noticed, when looking at some open source php programs, how complex the code looks compared to what I have learned to write so far. I wonder if I am at a disadvantage because I am self taught. I would love to go to school to learn how to program but with 3 children to care for it it hardly in our budget.

I am really glad there is a site like this available so I can get help while I learn.

Howdy, and welcome to Daniweb :)