Now that Josh is gone for now, I feel a bit free to start some pretty much useless threads. This is the first in a long line yet to come.

Anyway. Who was the hottest girl/guy you ever dated? When was it? Did it last? Did they satisfy you on an intellectual level or were they just eye candy?

For me it was back in Upper Sixth Form (about a year ago). It was a girl from Lower Sixth. We didn't really have a formal, hand-holding, typical high-school relationship. We actually only met during free periods and away from the compound. Anyway, she was pretty hot.

She wore glasses, which I find incredibly attractive, but she wasn't buck-toothed or anything like that. Intellectually, I wouldn't say she was the sharpest knife in the draw, but she was fairly above average (or average for our school), although anytime I tried to talk about anything that interested me her eyes just glazed over so to speak.

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shut up dave
Oh so classy not naming names.
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I've been with a few hotter women... the hottest were usually the dumbest, but I've found many happy mediums. Once I dated an american eagle model who could hold her own in a conversation about video games, probably the best I've ever been with... dumped me for her ex though *sigh*


When it comes to women, American man put such a premium on looks that the girls adjust to it starting at a young age. My love in life was, well still is, an older woman (already 15) with freckles, dark curly hair, blue eyes and very smart.


Now that Josh is gone for now ...

How did you find that out? If its true, good riddance! What kind of girl would have ever dated him?


im in upper 6th

josh told me on facebook that hes not coming back. theres a thread about it in area 51

btw i find tall girls with glasses, brown hair and curves amazingly sexy


btw i find tall girls with glasses, brown hair and curves amazingly sexy

I am agreeing with you there. I love girls that know how to walk attractively and are not too shy about it.


Yeah i LOVE tall girls. Something about looking UP to a woman that gets me going! Let's leave it at that before this thread becomes a violation!


Back in my databases class, I worked with this one girl that was pretty hot and amazingly cute (there is a distinction). We also worked together in our operating systems class...

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