Hi All,
Having recently learned to do up my own shoe laces, I thought it was time to give this programming thing a try.
Or more accurately having been a user of software for too many years to count, at least to count with my shoes and socks on, I have finally given up all hope of the devs I deal with coming anywhere near the real world, and so it's time to develop my own. Well to try at least, LOL.
I have been reading these forums for a little while and have found them to be informative and confusing in equal measure. Now I have decided to join, so as to be able to plague you lovely people with lots and lots of stupid questions, hehe.
Sadly, thats true, so brace yourselves.

Let me apologise in advance and assure you that:-
1) I am totally clueless.
2) I am serious about this.
3) that "Hello World" App seems utterly pointless and really difficult.
oh, and
4) I lie like a cheap watch, lol

Welcome to DaniWeb. And --
1) So am I sometimes
2) Yup, me too
3) how can something be useless if its difficult ?
4) I was only wrong once in my life, when I thought I was wrong, but I was wrong. :)

>>Season's Greetings
Procrastinating ;)

Hope to see you around DaniWeb.

Hi... Welcome to Daniweb Friend :)

Lol.. Welcome :)

Glad to have you with us!