JW is close enough, plane #51 is a French made Robin DR500.

Another sharp looking plane is #52

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took a bit of research (not much into gliders, let alone motorgliders), but I found it.
D-MNEZ is a Sky Arrow 450TG, registered in the German registry in 2001.
Construction #58.


Plane #51 is sure sweet looking thing!

Jwentings plane #53 could propably fly with its exhaust pipe alone. Looks a lot like a Tucano.


JW is correct with the Lockheed T33.

Plane #55 is a 1950s long range U Boat Hunter ...
(of interest are the folding wings and the dual prop)

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good catch. Thought it was an Alize at first, but there were too many things wrong with it.

The plane looks like something out of comic strip. :)


Plane 55 is a Fairey Gannet?

You are correct of course.

Plane #56 is a sporty looking design ...

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My guess, plane #57 is German made carbon fibre trainer plane called the Grob G 115E Tutor.

And your guess would be correct!


And another one. Not as rare as the last few I came up with, but rather regionally challenged so to speak.

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I think it is simpler to renumber jwentings plane as #59, since he didn't use number originally.

Yes, plane #58 is a B-1B Lancer.

Does plane #59 have fixed landing gear?

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