I'm just barely passing my class which to me is the same as flunking....I've currently got a C avergage in class and got a D on my last test...the thing is that I listen in class, do the exercises and assigned homework, etc but I just don't get it....what should I do? I can't very well just skip the foreign language class as many colleges require it to get in (those that are worth going to anyways)...

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I don't know you just have to try harder to study just read over your notes and chapters and stuff. I am in my third/last year of spanish and i am not doing so great either i probably have a c+ avg, but it is bound to get worse the other 2 years i barely passed spanish. Learning a new language is hard just hang in there at least you dont have to take latin and a foreign language. I am also in my last year of latin and then in elventh i can take an elective or ap class like computer ap.


You could get a tutor, many schools offer them for free. You may also want to pay better attention, participate a lot, I found that helped me get it.

Another thing is to get some DVDs and set them to Spanish language settings. Our teachers do that every few weeks, it helps with getting some of the grammar and helps with vocabulary.


yeah, the way my teacher teaches kind of confuses me, she speaks alot in spanish during class and some in english..supposedly so we get used to just hearing and speaking spanish but I think I'd do better if she spoke in english and just helped us practice saying things in spanish, like after a chapter she'd say english sentences and we'd say them in spanish and vice a versa...:( whatever...I'm just gonna be lucky if I pass this class at all..


yeah last year and this year my spanish teacher spoke all in spanish the only time i have ever heard a spanish teacher talk in english was in 8th grade and of course the first day of school.


I dont know but apparentley taking latin will help you out with word meanings on the sats. Latin used to be hard for me but now i can translate like that, but spanish is different there has been changes made to it and there is different dialect and weird rules and prononciation. Latin is dead it hasnt changed since the catholic churched changed it in 1000 watever. Spanish is one of the most useful languages to learn if you travel alot because it is spoken in over 32 countries unlike french, italian, and portuguese which are only spoken in 1 or 2 countries.

The best thing about spanish now that there are computers and stuff is the free translation service built into M$ word 2003 pro. Out of all the translators i have used this is definitely the best.


?Por lo primero, porque esta usted escribiendo esto en el ingles? Si tiene problemas con su espanol necesita practicar espanol.


Don't worry, i'm flunking Spanish to... (if that makes you feel any better)

Me gusta tu culos.

(thats about all i know!)


Hey hextar I can help you anytime :idea: :D , just let me know when you are online ;) my mother tongue is spanish so it won't be that difficult for me ..see you around :cool:


Hey hextar, if you need any help, maybe I can help you. My first language was Spanish. And I speak Spanish every single day. If you need any help send me an e-mail.
You know what, you should try going into chat rooms where people speak spanish. That way you can practice your writing skills and reading skills. There are some chat rooms where they speak Spanish and English and sometimes spanglish. Maybe you should try those first.
Don't give up!!:p

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nice, generous, offering to help me with my problem with spanish
Excellent suggestion!

ok cool cybergirl, I'll keep that in mind, I'll see if I kind find a spanish chat room like you mentioned and if I find one I'll check it out, thanks for the kind offer of help :)

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