...Which channel would it be?

I would say MTV -- PURE GARBAGE!! (As we all know they used to be so good in the 80s :()

i dont know any of these channels

take all the shopping channels off, but someone must be buying all their crap or they wouldn't be selling it on tv.

Dont forget VH1...

Ah, the home shopping channels. They are proof for the old saying that a fool and his/her money are soon parted.

Lou Dobbs (CNN) gives me the bigot willies! However I like most of the other CNN crew.

I live in Veterans Country, and every public place I go to the Fox News Channel is running! I guess they like to hear how wonderful we are doing in Iraq, and how bad the Democrats are.

The local cable access channel. Not only do they put some obscene material on it, but they put it on the channel we need to run our VCRs and DVD players on. This means that if the player shuts off automatically, we have to look at that channel until we can find the remote and change it or turn off the TV. And it is run by the public library, which hates all forms of censorship.

"It's up to parents to control what they're kids are seeing..."


She is so stupid. Why don't people want to raise their kids?

I remember in 2003 Fox News announced that the US Army had found a large chemical weapons plant in Iraq.

It turned out to be storage shed for agricultural chemicals. Fox News never retracted their assertions.