Hi everybody,

I found this site while doing some research on chat forums for work, and I must say I am suitably impressed!

My name is Annot, everyone calls me Nottie because it is easier to say! Im 22 years young, live in a really crappy part of Wales where only the cows can hear you scream.

I have been a Web Developer / Designer for the past 3 years, and got a HnD in Computing through my local college and am currently studying a BSc in IT.

I am very passionate about XHTML and CSS and really enjoy what I do. I have set up a little business as a project and do websites for people in my spare time as well as go to work with a Australian Migration company as part of their IT team.

In joining this forum I am hoping that I can find lots of things to help and inspire me along the ever changing world of Web Design and Development!

Sorry about the blabbage!


Hi there and welcome to DaniWeb from the biggest CSS junkie you'll ever meet.

Hi Nottie...Welcome to Daniweb friend :)

Welcome to Daniweb!

Welcome Nottie...Have you seen Chef Ramsey?

Glad to have you with us!