Hi everybody,

I found this site while doing some research on chat forums for work, and I must say I am suitably impressed!

My name is Annot, everyone calls me Nottie because it is easier to say! Im 22 years young, live in a really crappy part of Wales where only the cows can hear you scream.

I have been a Web Developer / Designer for the past 3 years, and got a HnD in Computing through my local college and am currently studying a BSc in IT.

I am very passionate about XHTML and CSS and really enjoy what I do. I have set up a little business as a project and do websites for people in my spare time as well as go to work with a Australian Migration company as part of their IT team.

In joining this forum I am hoping that I can find lots of things to help and inspire me along the ever changing world of Web Design and Development!

Sorry about the blabbage!


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