Hey there, I'm BluePaper or Aled. I'm currently a student studying A-levels (first year 6th form, and don't ask me to explain infact: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A-levels) of which I am studying Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Computing.

My interests lie in a variety of computer based things and I've dabbled a bit in a number of programming languages including: Visual Basic, ASP.net, Python, PHP, C++ and one or two others but I know very little about any. I'm hoping to continue one or two of the languages, mainly Visual Basic and PHP (PHP is my strongest language).

Besides programming I absolutely love my music, I can't get enough of it (http://last.fm/user/Skyrail how compatible are our music tastes?), I'm into photography although I've yet to get used to my new camera or take anything worth showing.

I'm willing to answer any questions (there are limits, of course) and I hope that I'll enjoy this place as much as I enjoy other corners of the internet I sit in.

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i am james. im in 2nd year of 6th form too, doing A2 computing, biology A2, english lang/lit A2 and business studies AS


Thank you for the kind welcome everyone :) it's nice to see such a warm welcoming community, especially one which brings together people of a specific interest.

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