good day peoples i am james higgins i am currently microsoft office certified in word powerpoint and excel i plan to go and get vocational training in A+ and mcse certification i already know some things about fixing computers and will post a problem with a computer i have at my house but at this moment im not at home im in job corp basically set up by the government to help young adults start their life it is a great program if you have time take a look at the government page or just google job corp yeah just google job corp it has alot of starting places for young adults but i have to go have a smoke so talk to you later

From your friendly nice guy
James Higgins
(know this i dont use periods all the time unless made to )

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:) Welcome to Daniweb James!

(know this i dont use periods all the time unless made to )

Lol..Why not ?


thank you all well because im use to having the computer in word and doing the periods and stuff for me that is why nav33n

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