Name: Tayler R.
Nickname: Tay-tor Tot, Bidda
age: 21
eyes: Brown
Hair: Dk Brwn (I think)
Height: 5'5"
Location: S-Town, Texas, US
Relationship: Engaged for 3yrs, going on 4
Hobbies: Computers, sleep, games, sleep...
Occupation: Teacher's assistant/Technical Assistant Guru (TAG)
Music: Pretty much anything, usually depends on the song.
Fav Movies: The Matrix (1-3), The Animal, 50 First Dates, Shrek, Anything
that is funny.
Fav. Games: Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Windwaker, DDR2, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy X and X-2
TV show: SMALLVILLE (all the way!), Simpsons, House of Mouse, DBZ,
Cowboy Bebop, Excel Saga.
Fav Food: Chocolate, Shrimp and Bacon Rolls, Teriyaki Chicken,
Dislikes: Getting my knees scraped, Hitting my head, not remembering what I
did a few minutes ago


Name: Tayler R.
Nickname: Tay-tor Tot, Bidda
age: 21
eyes: Brown
Hair: Dk Brwn (I think)
Height: 5'5"
Location: S-Town, Texas, US
Relationship: Engaged for 3yrs, going on 4
Hobbies: Computers, sleep, games, sleep...
Occupation: Teacher's assistant/Technical Assistant Guru (TAG)
Music: Pretty much anything, usually depends on the song.
Fav Movies: The Matrix (1-3), The Animal, 50 First Dates, Shrek, Anything
that is funny.
Fav. Games: Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Windwaker, DDR2, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy X and X-2
TV show: SMALLVILLE (all the way!), Simpsons, House of Mouse, DBZ,
Cowboy Bebop, Excel Saga.
Fav Food: Chocolate, Shrimp and Bacon Rolls, Teriyaki Chicken,
Dislikes: Getting my knees scraped, Hitting my head, not remembering what I
did a few minutes ago

Yay, another Anime fan. Ooh, I noticed you like to sleep too. Very cool.


Yeah, I know. It is kinda becoming a habit of mine. I hope to one day master the art of sleep. I wake up in the middle of the night at about 3 AM every night and stare at the clock for a breif second and then go back to bed. I wake up all tired and everything. I am still just an amature. I will learn sleep...
If there is a person in the world who does not like Anime (in some shape, form or fashion) I would like to meet that person and prove them wrong.

Note: This is not an invite to challenge me at all. It is just a saying. (please don't hurt me) *Coveres head with arms and crouches down*


If there is a person in the world who does not like Anime (in some shape, form or fashion) I would like to meet that person and prove them wrong.

I know lots of people. Well, actually, it's not even that they don't like it, it's that they won't even give it a chance. Why? Partly out of ignorance. They don't want to understand what it's all about. Most already think they do. They think it's "oh, just a cartoon; I can't take that seriously; it's for little kids..." When I hear that, it just drives me crazy. It's like saying "Computers are just a toy for little teens to share music and play MP3s. No good can come of it." It sounds pretty ignorant. You want to grab the person by the shoulders, sit them down, and explain to them the millions of reasons why they're wrong.

Too many ignorant people think it's for little kids. They can't see themselves watching it because they think it'll make them immature. I think the reason for this belief is due to Americanized versions of Anime. Americanized versions of Anime ARE for children. They filter out so much seriousness out of the original versions, all you get is handful of fudge. Anime such as Pokemon, Digimon, and others that have been marketed to death here in America give a wrong illusion of what Anime is to adults. This is quite sad. Some of the best stories I know come from Anime. Whether it's horror, melodrama, comedy; it has it all!


well im not goin to say im a huge fan of anime but i dont mind watching it once in awhile. as for the it being cartoon thing i dont see whats wrong with that i love cartoons they dont make you immature. some ppl jst need to realize that cartoons arent jst for kids anymore and actually started out for adults, cartoons are fun to watch. but im not saying anything bad about anime here so dont take this the wrong way :) i like some anime and i have a buddy who is a huge fan of anime and used to go to all sorts of cons :)


Cool, another Anime fan. Anime is different from american cartoons. They usually cover strong morals in life. As much as I also like "Sponge Bob Square Pants," strong morals is something that I could get from such a show.


Name: maRC A
Nickname: rc_razor
age: 20
eyes: hazel
Hair: Brown
Height: 6'1"
Location: P-Town(paxton), ILLINIOS, US
Relationship: Engaged for 1yr
Hobbies: Computers, sleep, games, sleep, street racing, RC racing, skateboarding, BMX, i write poetry... you can find it at www.poetry.com search for anderson, maRC R . i only have two posted.. there worth a read..and there dedicated to my love..
Occupation: customer service for CINGULAR WIRELESS
Music: Hip Hop / Heavy Metal..
Fav Movies: The Matrix (1-3),and the animatrix I LOVE ANIMA.. and COMEDYS
Fav. Games: Zelda: Ocarina of Time,wolfestien, castlevania, i own every gaming system any company made...
TV show: Simpsons,70s show HBO, skinamax...
Fav Food: Chocolate, CHINESE yeah... MEXICIAN oh yeah...


Name: Rob
Nickname: Robby, Robert, Bob
Height: 155 cm.
Weight: 78 kg.
Hair: Dark-Brown (used to be red when I was young)
Eyes: Blue
Location: The Netherlands, near Amsterdam
Age: 18
Hobbies: Music, Pencak Silat, #Anime#, boats
Relationship Status: single and searching

Fav Music: Metallica, him, Manowar, Korn, Games & Sound tracks, I'm quite picky though on the songs not the bands.

Education: Networking, win2000.

Work: At the moment an intern till juli 2004. And parttime as stockboy earning 4 euro's an hour (4.5 dollars)

Favorite Food: French Frice, #Rice with sate#, macaroni, red cabbage with all sorts of dutch stuff, young cheese.

Favorite Movies: Totall Recall, The story of the Rose, Revenge of the Nerds, Anger Management, etc.

Favorite TV Shows: Everybody loves Raymond, Grace under fire, Roseanne, Futura, a touch of Frost, #Allo, Allo#, etc.

Favorite Video Games: 0.o...Secret of Mana3 (SNES), Starfox(N64),
Yu-Gi-Oh YTCS (GBA), Severance: Blade of Darkness (PC) Xcom: Apoc (PC), They are too numerous to all say up. But It truly is and are the most awesome of games I have ever experienced.:p

Stuff you Dislike: People who are hotheaded, unpolite in a formal way, Sometimes..girls, they inflict most pain. Skaters, persons who take it a little too personally. People who address you wrongly or call you names just because they're bored.


Too many ignorant people think it's for little kids.

I completlely agree with that. Many people see an anime on TV and see the censored version. Like Tenchi Muyo... That is HEAVILY censored. So is the series Fooly Cooly. I think that alot of people need to give anime a chance and not think that it is only for kids. But I will say this: The worst US anime, or the US' worst attempt at an anime would have to be Totaly Spies on Cartoon Network (but I will admit that I do watch it sometimes, when I am bored).


Name: Oliver Allan Lee
Nickname: Oliver, Ollie
Height: 5'8''
Weight: 74 kgs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Location: Manila
Age: 27
Hobbies: Listening to music, going out with friends, movies, getting myself dead drunk, Playing basketball, pingpong, volleyball

Relationship Status: single

Fav Music: Almost everything, from humming to classical to heavy metal to pure noise...

Education: B.S. Computer Engineering

Work: Network Admin.
Favorite Food: Chinese, Pizza, and local Filipino dishes.

Favorite Movies: HP series, LOTR, Braveheart, The Patriot, The Postman
Favorite TV Shows: The Simpsons, Frasier, Everybody Loves Raymond, Just Shoot Me, That 70's Show, and almost everything on Fox Sports and ESPN.

Favorite Video Games: Pacman, Worms, Minesweeper, Civilization, Simcity, Red Alert, Quake.

Stuff you Dislike: Narrow-minded idiots...


Name: Sandra
Nickname:Sandy(hate it)
Height: 5'5'
Weight: average
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Dark Brown
Location: CA
Age: 21
Hobbies: Listening to music, going out with friends , movies, walks at the beach, rollerblading, ice skating. ahh almost forgot SLEEPING:cheesy: .

Relationship Status: single. (and loving it) Not really to give up my freedom yet.

Fav Music: rock, pop, hip hop, rap, R&B, alternative, dance (Pretty much like anything) except country music
Education: soon to get my A.S. degree in computer science.
Work: I don't work:cool:
Favorite Food: Pizza, Chicken, ice cream, anything with chocolate and mexican food.

Favorite Movies: The Goofy movie(i just love it, i never get tired of watching it), lilo and stich, Brother Bear, any Jackie Chan Movie. I am Sam, Radio, Underworld( I love vampire movies) and the sixth sence.

Favorite TV Shows: Seven heaven, Gilmore girls, Smallville, first year of X-files, DBZ.

Favorite color: Black and blue

Stuff you Dislike: Pain, cursing, war, people with bad temper, I don't like getting older.:cheesy:


Amen to that! ;)

Here's one 'Grandad' who NEVER plans to 'grow up'. Not enough fun around the kids when you do that. :D


NAME-steve Nickname-steve-o Hght-5'7 Wght-135 Hair-brown Eyes-blue Location-Worcester Ma Age-40 year teen Hobbies-music,sports Education-High school Work-Screen Printer Fav Food-Steak,Seafood Movies-Barfly,Sid&Nancy,Resorvoir Dogs,Pulp Fiction,Basquiet,Goodfellas,Blue Velvet T.V.-Court T.V. (real life is stranger than fiction) Vid Games-Half-Life,Driving Games Dislike-Bull-S**ters and people that can't mind there own freakin business (you know who you are)


Name: Hoong Mooi
Nickname: Can't think of any.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Location: Malaysia
Age: 21
Hobbies: Listening to music, watching movies, sleep.
Relationship Status: Single
Education: Student (Degree in IT majoring in Information Systems Engineering)

Fav Music: RnB, ballad, instrumental, classical.
Fav Food: Chinese, Pizza.
Fav Movies: Chinese action movies, Spider-man.
Fav TV Shows: Dexter's laboratory, Tech TV, Charmed.
Fav Anime: Initial D (Stage 1, 2 & the Movie.)
Fav Sports/Games: Badminton, NFS.
Stuffs you dislike: FISH, furry stuff, impatience, History, Physics, fat, & etc. :o


In an attempt to procrastinate homework (and to pass the time while compiling apache and php most recently) I have been posting a bit around here, so I figured it was time for me to properly introduce myself:

Oh, and for fun I added a couple extra items to the list: Pets, Mode of Transportation, and Favorite Article of Clothing.

Name: Michael
Hair/Eyes: Brown
Age: 26

Location: Southern Vermont

Job: Academic Technical Support at The School for International Training

Education: BA in CS at Marlboro College, will finish my MS in Internet Engineering at The Marlboro Graduate Center in . . . two weeks!!!!

Relationship Status: Recently Married (June 5th)

Fav. Music: Classic Rock, Country, Hip Hop, Folk, Techno/Electronic/Ambient . . . pretty much everything.

Fav. Movies: The Princess Bride, Ice Age, PCU, Office Space ("PC Load Letter?!?!")

Fav. TV Shows: Scrubs, Survivor, I love the 70/80/90's.

Hobbies: backpacking, hiking trail construction, horseback riding, vid-games, all things linux, stone-wall construction.

Pets: 1 dog: Jake 1/2 Newfoundland, 1/2 German Sheppard. 2 Cats: Pippin (always in trouble), and Carabiner (he climbs everything).

Mode of Transportation: Toyota Tacoma 4x4 -- when you live on a dirt road (mud road in the spring), and can have lots of snow 4x4 is kinda required.

Favorite Article of Clothing: A nice pair of worn-in, reinforced knee Carhartt Work Pants.

DisLikes: black-fly season (those little buggers hurt!), Really hot and muggy days (give me 65 degress and breezy please!), the Garden State Parkway -- I didn't know the meaning of Toll until I had been there!

Why I hang out here: I spend a great deal of my time during the day disinfecting viruses and spyware from people's computers. The stuff is really nasty, and a total pain to get rid of. If half the home users in the world went out and got Antivirus Software (AVG), and protected themselves (Windows Update), virus outbreaks would not be as serious, and computing would be safer. My goal is to help users towards that vision.

. . . Besides, a few people helped me out a whole lot when I first got into computers, and the best way I can thank them is by helping others.


Name Graham
Nick Name: Tex.
Age 47
status Married with a 24 year old daughter, also a step Daughter and a 5 year old Grandson, and another on the way...

Hobbies. Radio Ham (call sign M1EEJ). I also like to build computers and now I want to get into programming.. I like walking in the country with my wife and dog. We have freinds around for meals and a few drinks...I Don't like sport much apart from rugby(Wigan).

I am 6ft2in tall about 18 stones and fit for nothing Tee Hee.

On TV: Columbo, Documentry, Spy, war,sifi,
Film: Cassablanca, Star wars,
CD: Darkside of the moon Pink Floyed... Led Zepplin

Ambitions: To Die in my own bed, to buy a motor home, and to crack the C++ code.

I Like: Irish Whiskey, Sunny Days, Talking all around the world,

Thanks for asking....


Hello everyone. Looks like I've stumbled onto a pretty nice community here. :)

Name: Rob
Nickname: Hey, you...
Hair: Brown, gray, blonde, we got it all up there, (what's left of it, anyway). ;p
Eyes: Baby blue. Seriously.
Location: Maine, USA
Age: Somewhere north of 40
Job: Retired, former PC Techie

Hobbies: PC Gaming, (Hardcore game modding, etc), playing guitar, 3D modeling/rendering with Poser

Education: BA in BS...no, seriously, High School graduate. There should be a degree that goes along with a 25+ year computer addiction, though.

Single (Yeah, baby!)

Favorite music: Any crunchy rock, (Led Zep, Rush, Yes, Beatles, Stones, Elastica, Pink Floyd, I could go on). Any industrial sounding game music, (Like the music from Descent).

Favorite movies: Star Trek (insert any number here), Fantastic Voyage, (That's a GREAT flick even near 40 years later), Sci-Fi channels version of Frank Herbert's Dune saga...all of it, Splash, and Starman. (Karen Allen was a dream!).

Favorite TV shows: Frasier, Dinosaur Planet, almost anything on Discovery, or the History channel, and any Star Trek show. Edit: I forgot! Lots of Anime, too.

Pets: I'm one. My cat owns me, and knows it. But she's got me well trained, and at least I'm housebroken.

Mode of transportation: Out-Of-Body travel, and crawlin' the 'net, of course.

Favorite clothing: One old pair of Levi's that date to 1979, and my summer Yukata, (japanese kind of bathrobe/sleeprobe thingy, very comfortable)

Likes: My hobbies, my friends, my life.

Dislikes: Trolls, (No, not the ones you see in the Lord of the Rings movies), black flies, (I think they come to Maine via Vermont...*wink*), rude cashiers, Carnegie's 'How to Win Friends and Influence People', and...(don't hate me!) anything to do with 'cowboys'.

I hope to get to know some of you. I've been impressed with the willingness to offer helpful advice, and by the low incidence of flaming I've observed here. See you all around.


Name - Matt Brault (Pronounced "Bro" like "yo")
Nickname - Puckdropper (The Great Puckdropper when someone's stolen my name.), Polar Bear (only one person calls me that... and I want it kept that way.)
Height - 5' 6"
Weight - Enough to hurt you if I skate in to you.
Hair - Brown
Eyes - Brown
Location - Fort Rain, IN
Age - over 18... but I'm not sure how many years (I don't plan on drinking or running for House of Representatives, so it doesn't matter much.)

Hobbies - Assembling things, design, programming, watching programming (on tv lol), The Chicago Cubs (any one else hate night games?), Hockey, Model Railroading (I'm willing to chat about this ;-)), wood working (see first 2 items), etc...

Relationship Status - Single, but aware. (Not looking, but not not looking.)

Occupation: Nothing, but no free time.

Fav Music - The Beatles, My Dad's stuff (www.puckdroppersplace.tk has one of his songs uploaded.)

Education - Sophomore in college

Favorite Movies - The Beatles' movies, Star Trek movies, the occasional one that comes around. (It's hard to find a hockey movie about only hockey and not fighting. Fighting stops play, therefore it's not part of the game.)

Favorite TV Shows - Star Trek (All versions, even Enterprise.), Inuyuasha (sp?), Case Closed.

Favorite Computer Games - Solitare, Freecell, (I wasn't reading all the profiles, did anyone else say Solitare and Freecell?) MS Train Simulator

A thought or three:
Bored minds do strange things.

If you see a blonde stopped at one of those "do not pass" signs, well you know she can read.

I do agree that everyone likes Anime in some form or another... There seems to be enough for everyone's various tastes.

Websites I contribute to (forums not included.):
Uncreative Labs (www.uncreativelabs.net)
Puckdropper's Place (www.puckdroppersplace.tk)
Save SURGE (www.savesurge.org)


Name: Michael
Nickname: Mike, Hot_Dog (video game name) Killer_typo (tech support name) sexy (gf nickname for meee :P)
Height: 5'11''
Weight: 2somthing ish
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Location: CA
Age: 17
Hobbies: My Girlfriend Jessica, My art, my scripting and web design, and the online clan kortclan for which i play CS and DOD for.

Relationship Status: Taken :)

Fav Music: Green Day

Education: 12 grade plan on getting a degree in computer science and art of some kind.

Work: work is for the weak...actually i have no job but i hope to get one soon.

Favorite Movies: tooo many to name.

Favorite TV Shows: The Family Guy, ATHF, The Simpsons, Seinfeld

Favorite Video Games: Too many to name, but all FF games rock and FF7 owns above all.


Name: Usman
Nickname: Sani (Arabic word meaning Second)
Height: 5'10''
Weight = :eek:
Hair: Brownish Black
Eyes: Blackish Brown
Location: PK
Age: 23
Hobbies: besides computers I like to play cricket, and do some physical exercise.

Relationship Status: unoccupied :lol:

Fav Music: Just listen to music to keep myself doing the homework :cheesy:
Education: Doing my graduation in Computer Science (last year, last semester) :p
Work: Its my last sem ... no time for work. Anywayz ... I used to teach mathematics
Favorite Food:Biryani( Rice blended with chicken) ... mostly indian foods .. spicy
Favorite Movies: Gorgeous, Rumble in the Bronx, Thunder Bolt, twin dragons n bla bla.

Favorite TV Shows: I love watching cricket matches.
Favorite Video Games: Mostly strategy games .... Sudden Strike (play n you'll appreciate the game), Age of Empires, Empire Earth etc etc .... n Development games like Sim City, The Sims, Tropico (they all take a huge amount of time to play ... pretty addictive).
Stuff you Dislike: just don like to remember bad things.


Name: David Michael Morris
Nickname: Pimp Daddy
Height: 5ft 10in

Martial Arts
Art and the Theatre
Ancient History
All Sport
Personal Fitness

Musical Tastes
R&B and Hip Hop
Rock and Metal
Latino and Other world Music
Jazz and Classical
A tiny bit of country
Pop where the artists play their own instruments and/or write their own music.

Current Favourite Group - Metallica
Current Favourite Song - Slither (Velvet Revolver)

Computer Interests
Programming - both compiled and scripted
Software Development
All aspects of operating systems
Building and repairing PCs

Qualified Computer Engineer


Name: Alcides (Hercules's birthname)

Nicknames: LC, Sweater, Vapor, Gecko

Height: 5'11''

Weight: 155

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Location: San Francisco, California, United States of America.

Age: 23 (24 in November)

Hobbies: Drawing, writing, making music, reading, graffiti, jogging, skywatching, walking around the city.

Relationship Status: Single.

Fav Music: Oldies, Hindi & Urdu, Utada Hikaru, Switchblade Symphony.

Education: Uncertified High School Dropout, GED (San Francisco County Jail), Management Certificate (CCSF).

Work: Safeway.com (I just collect groceries. Nothing computer related except for the teampad I use to sho with.).

Favorite Movies: Die Hard, Manchurian Candidate, Pi, Memento.

Favorite TV Shows: The whole Adult Swim line-up, Dexter's LAb, Johnny Bravo, Powerpuff Girls, Reboot, Herman's Head, Sledge Hammer.

Favorite Video Games: Sim City 2000, Age of Empires, Cyberstorm, Tecmo Super Bowl (NES)

Stuff you Dislike: Explaining myself over and over, bad management, people talking about me so loud I can hear them, mean people, the fact that my time here is limited.


Name : Mike
Nickname : Super MC McFly (dont ask) lol
Height : 6'2
Weight : 154
Hair : Brown
Eyes : Blue
Location : Norwalk, CT, USA
Age : 15, 16 in October
Hobbies : Paintball, Nitro RC, engines
Relationship Status : Single
Favorite Music : 80's, Linkin Park
Education : Highschool Junior, plan to go to UCONN and major in some aspect of business, stocks, marketing, not sure yet..
Work : Golf course
Favorite Movies : 2 Fast 2 Furious, Armageddon, I Robot, Swordfish
Favorite TV Shows : Real TV, Junkyard Wars, Malcon in the Middle
Favorite Computer Games : Half-Life, Opposing Force, Starcraft, Battlefield 1942, Call of Duty, Doom 1 and 2, and definitely 3 when I get my new computer this week :-D
Stuff I Dislike : Girls who ask over 50 times why you wont go out with them, when my sisters friends are in a fight with her and try to use me to get her mad (lol), dating tv shows, reality shows, the massive nest of bees in the tree where the golf carts at work are kept


Name: Mark
Nickname: errr Mark? (I'm too old for a nickname)
Height: 5'6''
Weight: 165
Hair: what's left of it is brown
Eyes: Brown
Location: Adelaide, Australia
Age: 33
Hobbies: reading, computer games, gardening, building things in the garden, building loudspeakers, playing with my son, spending time with the missus

Relationship Status: Married for 8 years with 1 son, a cat and two budgerigars

Fav Music: Queen, Chris Isaak, Pink Floyd, Portishead, Dido, Sting, Pete Gabriel, Frankie Goes to Hollywood

Education: Bachelor of Mech Engineering, Grad Diploma in Business Administration

Work: Daytime - Systems Engineering Manager (whatever that is) at a manufacturing company, night time - shareware author trying to dominate the world

Favorite Food: Asian

Favorite Movies: The Matrix, LOTR Trilogy, The Right Stuff, any John Wayne movie :cheesy:

Favorite TV Shows: any history documentary

Favorite Video Games: Civilization 1 2 & 3, Baldurs Gate 1 & 2, Gold Box AD&D Games

Stuff you Dislike: insomnia, phonies, worrying about money


Name: Dale
Nickname: Mouse
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 220
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown/Gray :(
Location: VA
Age: *cough* 38
Hobbies: Racing cars, UNIX (all varieties), other things I can't mention.

Relationship Status: Married (again :eek: )

Fav Music: Most things.

Education: BS CS

Work: Own a Hosting/Design Company

Favorite Food: Beer

Favorite Movies: *mindblank*

Favorite TV Shows: Trek!

Favorite Video Games: Don't play games. :-o

Stuff you Dislike: Slow people in the fast lane.


I've been on here for a while, something to do whilst at work, so I thought I'd make an introduction..
My name is Dave, the nick is Szukalski because he is the greatest artist I know.
I have a BSc in CS and work with pc's each day, but my real passion is music and anthropology to a certain extent. I have been playing guitar for over ten years now and am proficient in progressive music. (ie. Zappa, Dream Theater, Tool, The FLower Kings, Rush)
Physically, I am dolichocephalic and leptorrhinic, and my welsh and dutch heritage accounts for my height which is about as tall as you want to go without hitting your head on things.
I live in little ole New Zealand, a nice little country with good genetic resources. It's a nice place to live, but you never get any good bands coming over, just mainstream commercial ventures.
Superficiality sucks, as does ignorance, but I'm not exempt from those diseases.
"So come up to the lab. And see what's on the slab.
I see you shiver with antici... pation!
But maybe the rain isn't really to blame
So I'll remove the cause, but not the symptom"

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