Name: Ace
Nickname: Kall
Height: 5'10''
Weight: 76kg
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Location: New Zealand
Age: 26
Hobbies: Forum management, reading, music, games, tv, my girlfriend.

Relationship Status: de-facto

Fav Music: Metallica, Eminem, Pearl Jam, The Who, led Zep...lots and lots.

Education: Psych/Physiology (incomplete)

Work: Web Host/Designer

Favorite Food: Italian, Chicken...

Favorite Movies: Terminator trilogy, Back to the Future trilogy, Three Amigos, Final Destination 2, Outbreak, Killbill 1 and 2.

Favorite TV Shows: The Family Guy, The Simpsons, Law and Order (vanilla, SVU and Criminal Intent), CSI (Miami, Las Vegas, New York).

Favorite Video Games: The Sims, Sim City series, Tiger Woods PGA Tour, Grand Theft Auto series.

Stuff you Dislike: My friends having to suffer through no fault of their own.


Name: Lisa

Nickname: Mrs Pink (It's a Level 42 thing!)

Height: 5'8"

Weight: not a chance

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Hazel

Location: Woking, Surrey, ENGLAND

Age: 33 in less than 2 weeks :-(

Hobbies: Painting with watercolours, Designing on my MAC G5, reading Hunter S Thompson's work, knitting(!), following Leyton Orient Football Club, following the Chicago Blackhawks, and watching a good political debate on TV.

Relationship Status: well and truly lumbered for the last 6 years!

Fav Music: The Clash, Level 42, late 70's Jazz Funk like Return to Forever, Mahavishnu Orchestra etc, and anything slightly oddball or different

Education: College, HND in Graphic Design and Typography

Work: I run a design studio on a client site in deepest Horsham in Sussex, UK.

Favorite Food:Curry (from Brick Lane in the East End of London where i hail from, the only place to have a REAL curry!), Italian, Creole and West Indian and a good old fashioned Britsh roast dinner on Sundays

Foods most disliked: Salad leaves, leeks, parsnips and most vegetables apart form cauliflower, brocoli and potatoes(!)

Favorite Movies: The Godfather trilogy, Grosse Point Blanke, High Fidelity (in fact most John Cusack movies), Star Wars (not the travesty that is the new three films), Goodfellas and The Jungle Book

Most disliked movies: Anything with Jim Carey in and anything that purports to be funny but in reality is mmost likely to be banal.

Favorite TV Shows: The West Wing, Question Time (BBC political debate show), Mastermind and University Challenge (quiz shows)

Favorite Video Games: Need for speed underground 2 (PS2), Grand Theft Auto Vice City.

Stuff you Dislike: People who lie to make themselves look good, Far right extremists, intolerance towards others, rudeness to shop workers, bad driving, people blowing smoke in my face in a pub (even though i smoke i cant stand people blowing their smoke in ny face and i would not dream of doing it to them)

Favorite Chat Rooms/Msg Boards:Level 42 web digest

Favorite seasons: Spring - when nature starts to wake up from the winter sleep.

Now that you all robably think i am some kind of left leaning, punk music loving loonie, i'll get me coat!!!!



Well, here we go. Names Pete, live in Rutland Vermont, and for the most part am totally clueless about computers, lol. I work at the local Kmart, and have been in the service/sales industry my entire life.(have managed to replace some ram and my HD one time.) Hope to run across y'all friendly soundin folks in here from time to time. :cheesy:


Not so much to say here.

Name: Jun valasek
location: Manila, Philippines
Occupation: Webmaster of my own sites
Age: 28
Civil Status: Single

Please tell me if there are still things I need to say :)


Name: David Dickinson

*Dave (pretty normal, can see how we got to that)
*dickinsd (some wise spark NT guy gave me it as my user login at college about 8 years ago - and people actually call me this???)
*Cheap as Chips (Unfortunately I share a name with some orange guy from UK telivision)
*Steveneven (WHAT? - I joined a friends site, after a few months he censored the word dick, so I could not log in any more, I asked him for a new name, and this is what I ended up with, now I seem to use it on loads of forums)

Height: round about 6'
Weight: Far too much
Hair: Brown - Used to be ginger, but grow out of that (unfortunately there are other parts of my body with hair that is still young and ... ginger)
Eyes: Blue
Location: UK
Age: 25 (best years behing me) :cry:

Hobbies: Listening to music, movies, computers - I love learning new stuff

Relationship Status: single (god damn it)

Fav Music: LOADS - I honestly like nearly everything - as long as its in small doses, I like to have my pretty large music collection playing completely random so that I get a nice mix of styles/artists/genres/age

Education: BSc Computing & IS, Nat Dip Computer Studies, GCSE's and other stuff...

Work: Currently ... NONE
Well - ish, I part-own a company, that offers IT services (networking, training blah balh balh) but with poor management we never actually have any money, so advertising has been pretty sparse and we have made very LITTLE money.
SO I pretty much need to move on

Favorite Movies: Oh man... I love movies, not a huge fan of cinemas, but I do love movies. I have around 250 DVD's and some cr*ppy videos, my favorite movies changes from week to week. Currently my top 5 would be:
Oceans 11, The Transporter, Get Shorty, Bruce Almighty, Ronin

Favorite TV Shows: Love the simpsons, although I think its getting a little old now, This show on ABC1 - Once and Again - pretty captivating, Judge John Deed. And thats about it (BTW the judge John deed is not a reality show like the awful judge judy - just incase you never heard of it, its a crime drama if this is OK, look at this BBC page )

Favorite Video Games: Quake 3 (multiplayer), SOF2 (multiplayer), UT2003 (multiplayer), Call of Duty (single player & multiplayer pretty damn good) (BUT games like this can ONLY be played on the PC - consoles suck for FPS)

Stuff you Dislike:REALITY TV (aaaarrrgggghhhh) (except the auditions part of pop/american idol - thats pretty funny) I dislike been lied to. Really don't like house cleaning - BUT dusting now that is a pain in the ass. AND currently I hate not having any money, and only finding meaningless jobs in the job paper.

SE (dave)


Too many ignorant people think it's for little kids.

I know this is not going to be a great response, BUT...

I did watch some anime on C4 about 4/5 years ago, and really did not think much of it.

And to be honest, I think some people don't like it because its NOT for kids.
If that makes sense, not sure it does to me, but this is pretty much the exact word for word opinion of my 'set in her ways' mum.

Personally I did watch some (perhaps C4's line-up was not a good example of anime) and thought it was pretty rubbish, however, people do like different things.



Name: Daniel
Nickname: Dan, Danny, Bubba
Height: 5'7''
Weight: 150
Hair: Brown with a touch of distinquished grey
Eyes: Brown
Location: SC
Age: 42
Hobbies: Singing, learning computer stuff. singing, making soap and candles etc.
Relationship Status: partnered (never gonna do the married thing again)

Fav Music: Country mostly.

Education: Speech Communications Theatre/Chemistry double major

Work: Owner of three businesses mostly all related to soap, candles, bath and body manufacturing and wholesale. Plus Music site I am working on.

Favorite Movies: Aunti Mame, Tombstone.

Favorite TV Shows: I admit It.. I like American Idol and Big Brother.. I know I need a life... altho this new one Medium is really quite good and I am a Law and Order Junkie.

Favorite Video Games: Do they still make Pong? About the last Vid game I played! LOL!

Stuff you Dislike: Liver (ok who really likes that stuff anyway), Grits (bad thing to dislike for a southern boy), Forums that say they are there to support and help and when ya need it you get ignored! (not this one of course!!!!!!) :) People who really think their natural functions don't stink.. ya know what I mean. ;)


haia all!
name: natasha
nickname: sha, tasha, tash
height: 5'10'
weight: 10.5 stone
eyes: brown
hair: blonde at the mo!
age: 30's

work as a temp for secretary agency (am currently in Chester with law firm) and worked as a model while at Uni. Graduated in history and politics (dunno why!). As well as wot's on my profile i'm into The Sopranos, Shameless, Eddie Izzard, Shaun of the Dead, The Killers, Keane, Katherine Jenkins, dance music, sci-fi, Liverpool FC and egg'n'bacon butties


Name - Megan
Nickname - Meg, VeganMegan
Height - 5' 8"
Hair - blondish/brown
Eyes - blue
Location - Ohio

Hobbies - computers, music, art

Relationship Status - I have a boyfriend

Fav Music - punk, rock, metal, and 70's/80's glam rock

Education - I'm currently in college majoring in programming

Favorite Movies - Rocky Horror, Pink Flamingos

Favorite TV Shows - I don't watch TV

Favorite Computer Games - all of them

Stuff I Dislike - my C++ teacher, he's mean

Hi! I'm new here. I found this site because I'm working on my project for my C++ class. I have to make a GPA calculator and I'm totally lost and confused. My teacher for that class is a total meany and isn't much help. If anyone can lend me some help I would GREATLY appreciate it.


Name - David
Age 26
Height - 6'1
Eyes - Brown
Hair - Brown
Location - England, Middle of
Occupation - Network Administrator

Hobbies - computers, photography,

Fav Music - Mostly Rock, anything else on Napster

Fav Films - Matrix Films, (yes I like all of them) Underworld, I Robot, Crouching Tiger, mostly action films

Fav TV - most of T4, BBC2, sport

Fav Games - FPSs ie, HL2, UT2004, Counter Strike, Call of Duty

Likes - My new car (Ford Focus 1.8 LX Silver)

Dislikes - not having a spell check, not getting paid enough, any time before 8:00am


*sigh* my turn

Name - Michael/Mike
Age 14
Height - I should measure myself more often, all I can say is that I am taller average
Eyes - Brown
Hair - Somewhere between brown and blonde :/
Location - West England, Wiltshire
Occupation - Student \o/

Hobbies - computers, sleeping, eating...oh god I need to get out more

Fav Music - Rock, Metal, Trance...

Fav Bands - Slipknot, System of a Down, Rammstein, Infected Mushroom, Juno Reactor

Fav Films - The Matrix (and Reloaded. Not Revolutions) Equilibrium, some random anime flicks

Fav TV - The Simpsons, random comedies and documentaries on bbc1-2, itv and 4.

Fav Games - Counter-Strike, UT2004, Team Fortress Classic, Day of Defeat, Halo, TimeSplitters2...I would play Half Life 2 and the other Source games, but I dont have enough RAM so I get the "Read memory error". The sooner I finish building my pc the better :/

Likes - Friendly people, Cinema (\o/), Computers,

Dislikes - Self centered, selfish, ignorant abusive morons

And just for you, a pic of me ^.^



Name - Danielle
Nickname - Dani, CSCGal
Height - 5' 3"
Weight - c'mon ;)
Hair - dark brown w/ reddish highlights 8)
Eyes - 2 of 'em
Location - da Nawth Shaw of Lawn Giland
Age - turning 20 next month

Hobbies - lounging around on the computer and looooong pleasure drives in my car which is no more

Relationship Status - single

Fav Music - oldies, tv themes ;) , fun lively songs with lyrics I can understand, Peter the Meter Reader :P ... right now my cellphone ringer is set to Copacabana

Education - junior at Hofstra U with a major in Computer Science (B.S. degree) and a minor in Business Computer Information Systems

Favorite Movies - The Shawshank Redemption, Antitrust, Splash, The Truman Show, Man on the Moon, The Santa Clause, Hook, The Odd Couple, ...

Favorite TV Shows - Anything on TV Land or Nick @ Nite, game shows, Star Trek Voyager

Favorite Computer Games - Simulations, simulations!! Everything from SimCity to The Sims to Tropico ...

Stuff I Dislike - Not so much lying as much as knowing someone is lying, obnoxious people, teachers who can't teach for their lives

More coming when I think of it ...

[edit]I just turned 21![/edit]

[second edit]I just turned 22![/edit]

.....is this where
I'm supposed to say somethin?????


First let me say that I have no right to be in a geek lounge! :eek:

Name: Bethany

Nickname: catchow :o

Height: 5'8"

Weight: nunya

Hair: Pimpin' Purple (by Special Effects) :cheesy:

Eyes: Gray

Location: Colorado

Age: 50

Hobbies: Reading, trying to learn how to use this computer, building message boards for my friends.

Relationship Status: widowed

Fav Music: Soft and mellow (if I can't understand the words I want no part of it.) Classical, folk music, elevator music. . . . :cheesy:

Education: College a long time ago before computers.

Work: Disabled and dying with systemic lupus. (But not quickly enough)

Favorite Food:Chinese Stir Fried Veggies, mashed potatoes

Foods most disliked: Beets and tomatoes :eek:

Favorite Movies: Ummm.... If I say "Old Yellar" and "The Neverending Story" do I get tarred and feathered?

Most disliked movies: National Lampoon and Terminator type movies

Favorite TV Shows: I really hate tv most of the time but I do watch some on occasion. Books are better! :cheesy:

Favorite Video Games: None

Stuff you Dislike: People who think that they know everything and prejudiced people. Politicians

Favorite Chat Rooms/Msg Boards:My own "Cracked Pot Society"

Favorite seasons:Winter! I hate being hot.


So, what do you do? What do you like? What do you hate? What are your hobbies? I think we all know that we have computers in common. Some of us are into programming, while others into networking, hardware, etc. But what's the other side of you like? The side when you're not around computers. (AS IF! :D ) I whipped up a questionaire:

Nickname: Weatherbird
Height: 5'10''
Weight: 12 stone
Hair: Brown (what's left)
Eyes: Green
Location: Edinburgh Scotland
Age: 62
Hobbies: Hill walking, mountain climbing, family, rugby, lots of sports, digital photography (Nikon D70)
Relationship Status: Married -

Fav Music: Rod Stewart (fellow countryman), Queen, Country and Western. Classical

Education: University - Law

Work: Civil Service

Favorite Movies: Anything acted in or directed by Clint Eastwood (Usually the same thing.) Pirates of the Carribean (I think J. Depp is great.

Least Favorite TV Shows: American reality shows and soaps

Favorite Video Games: Rome Total war

Stuff you Dislike: Bicycles in the hills - especially without bells, litter and people who think the only correct point of view is their own.


A little about me:

- I work in the IS/IT field
- I love ASP and Database integration
- I run a web design/solutions company
- I run my own hosting company
- I live in the most beautiful place on earth : Hawaii
- I enjoy motorcycle riding, surfing, hiking, traveling, movies, computers
- I spend much of my time away from home on trips throughout Asia
- I am always willing to help others out in any way I can
- Most of all I love all things computer related!



Name: Nauman
Nickname: Scribbller
Height: 5'11''
Weight: 77kg
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Location: Islamabad, Pakistan
Age: 20
Hobbies: Forum management, reading, music, games, tv, web designing.

Relationship Status: single :(

Fav Music: Hillary Duff, Britney Spears, Atomic Kitten, Avril Lavigne (hmm lotsa females :p ).

Education: Accounting (in progress)

Work: Student and Full time chill

Favorite Food: Italian, Chicken...

Favorite Movies: The first knight, X-men 1 and 2 and lots of others.

Favorite TV Shows: Friends, Charmed (my sis loves this so I started following it then), Smallville, Grounded for life.

Favorite Video Games: Cricket2004, Never Winter Nights (though I have lost interest in games now).

Stuff you Dislike: Everything :p.


I have just been flipping through some of the pages and its great to see such an amazing variety of people in one place :D


Name - Danielle
Nickname - Dani, CSCGal
Height - 5' 3"
Weight - c'mon ;)
Hair - dark brown w/ reddish highlights 8)
Eyes - 2 of 'em
Location - da Nawth Shaw of Lawn Giland
Age - turning 20 next month

Hobbies - lounging around on the computer and looooong pleasure drives in my car which is no more

Relationship Status - single

Fav Music - oldies, tv themes ;) , fun lively songs with lyrics I can understand, Peter the Meter Reader :P ... right now my cellphone ringer is set to Copacabana

Education - junior at Hofstra U with a major in Computer Science (B.S. degree) and a minor in Business Computer Information Systems

Favorite Movies - The Shawshank Redemption, Antitrust, Splash, The Truman Show, Man on the Moon, The Santa Clause, Hook, The Odd Couple, ...

Favorite TV Shows - Anything on TV Land or Nick @ Nite, game shows, Star Trek Voyager

Favorite Computer Games - Simulations, simulations!! Everything from SimCity to The Sims to Tropico ...

Stuff I Dislike - Not so much lying as much as knowing someone is lying, obnoxious people, teachers who can't teach for their lives

More coming when I think of it ...

[edit]I just turned 21![/edit]

[second edit]I just turned 22![/edit]

I have an inedible encryption algorthim... email cbacb1cba@yahoo.com for upload.


I'm 13 and I'm C++, C#, and Java certified.

I'm not kidding

That is so cool!
Here's my simple algorithm for one of my encryption programs. I do not even know what C# is, but I gotta woorld waid web sieete that ya' kin hack to anee daee....
The following is what is called a “Public Key encryption algorithm. The encrypted file produced can be seen by anyone, that is what is meant by public. The point is this, after it is encrypted, it is impossible for anyone to understand what it says. The decryption code, a list of twenty characters, is sent to a discrete location on the Internet.
This particular encryption software routine uses a six dimensional plane. We have three physical dimensions, but if you ignore that point and look at these six dimensions as just six numbers of different values, you can think about the six dimensional plane as six different numbers.
After the file is written, the software to encrypt it can be started. The screen goes black and you are asked to press keys until you are asked to stop. The software generates a random number and counts a number of characters based on the number of seconds shown to the computer’s clock after the request for the random number. After it receives the correct number of usable characters from the keyboard, it instructs you to stop and uses twenty of them for the following . . .
A six dimensional plane is established in RAM. A character is read from the file and a second random number is generated. Two dimensions are chosen by calculations with the clock in the computer and the second random number. The six dimensions are assigned values. The characters are picked one at a time and run through a series of changes in the extended ASCII code using eleven of the keys pressed in the beginning of the encryption process. An altered character is then “placed on the six dimensional array based on four of the dimensional numbers with some coding in the software, with the other two already determined as stated above. All six tell the computer where to put the character in the six dimensional plane. All six numbers are calculated with special emphasis on keeping track of which character comes after the last by what is called “pointers. When the file is completely encrypted, the characters in the array are placed in a separate file starting with position (0,0,0,0,0,0). The original file is erased as they are read with a routine that replaces the binary digits in the file in a random order. After the new file is created, the computer is instructed to perform what is called a “memory dump. This process clears all information not used by the computer, erasing all of the information used in the encryption. A twenty-character decryption key is also encrypted and sent to a specific location in my connection list on the Internet. With the decryption software, the decryption code, and the encrypted file, one would merely type in the twenty character code. These three items are all needed to decrypt the file. The software would read the twenty characters and display the decrypted file one sentence at a time for five seconds each. The decrypted file is then erased. The memory used in the decryption process is dumped at each stage and the encrypted file is erased.

Tim Cottrill
4142 44th Street #5
San Diego Ca. 92105


Name - Obada
Nickname - Obada
Height - 187 cm
Weight - 62 KiloGrams
Hair - dark dark black
Eyes - 2 eyeballs and 1 big black dot in each one of them
Location - The worlds peacful, loving place : CANADA
Age - gonna be 16 next year

Hobbies - thinking and thinking

Relationship Status - single

Fav Music - Eminem's (not the ones with alot of badWords) hehe ...

Education - The British O'Level sys., but not any more...

Favorite Movies - the one which wont make u think of something not important(I know its entertanement, but still)
Favorite TV Shows - None (except news)

Favorite Computer Games - tactic and war games or games which makes u think.

What I Dislike MOST - me being not able to fix what i dislike.


hair-blondish brown
hobbies-going out with friends, watching tv, playing on the computer
relationship status-single
favourite music-oasis,coldplay,filter, lost prophets, eminem, green day, franz ferdinand
education- not f's
favourite movies- tons, but i will name a few( star wars, alien, predator, scarface, lord of the rings, pirates of the carribean, girl next door, the day after tommorow,etc)
favorite tv show- the simpsons, family guy, futurama, south park, king of the hill, undergrads, chappell show(mainly comedy)
favourite computer games- doom, diablo, warcraft,
favorite video games- the grand theft auto triliogy, halo 1 and 2, knights of the old republic, battlefront,pikmin
what i dislike- nagging parents, my sister, homework, school period
favourite quote- beat it (myself)
favourite drink-coca cola,tang and rootbeer
least favourite movie- the wedding planner
favorite food-steak and ribs
visit me at my on site: www.freewebs.com/nick2600/


kool.............i also need some help with my new CD/DVD-RW external drive... I have an iBook G3 and my cd drive is broken and so my uncle got me an external drive cause he thought it would cost less than getting my regular drive fixed.....but i didn't mind because i think that it is better having a drive that can burn cd and dvd's....my built-in cd drive was crap cause it could not burn cd's or dvd's and i could not watch dvd's.....so n e wayz my grandmother is going 2 bring in my laptop with the external drive so a dude at the shop can install the drive for me.......it came with a disc but i don't wanna chance my chance and try to install it before i break something....but if u know how to install something like this and u think u can help me then let me know cause i think that it would make more sense to install it free myself rather than spend about 40 dollars just to have this guy install it....and it came with a CD but i am not sure how to install it cause i dunno if u gotta put it in the USB port and install it or whatever....so help me plz..... :?: :confused:


Hi, my turn :D

HOBBIES: programming, playing with children and dogs, reading novels(only thrillers).
FAV. NOVELS: John Grisham-Runaway Jury, Jefferey Archer- Prison Diary, Dan Brown- DA VINCI CODE, Sydney Sheldon-Tell Me Your Dreams
EDUCATION: Doing my B.C.A (one more year to go)
FAV. MUSIC: Anyyy kind of music- classical, rock, metallica.. anything
FAV. MOVIES: Sound Of Music, My Fair Lady, Day Of The Jackal
LIKES: Everything except insects
PHOBIAS: Insects & heights.
FAV. QUOTE: Aim High Because You Can Never Go Any Higher Than You Think.
WELL KNOWN FOR: A Lunatic Laugh ;)


Name - Paul
Nickname - Pmaster
Height - 5' 10"
Weight -
Hair - dark brown
Eyes - dark brown
Location - Staten Island NY
Age - Old enough to know better, too young to care:evil:

Hobbies - Programmng, stategy and simulation games, reading, dining out

Relationship Status - single

Fav Music - classic rock disco.

Education droped out of college in my first semester:sad:

Favorite movies Star wars, pulp fiction, Alien,

Favorite TV Shows - Don't like most TV I liked the star trek origianal plus
the Next generation, etc, sometimes CSI, the twilight zone, some others
don't feel like making a list. I hate friends:lol:

Favorite Computer Games - Privater. Panzer general, Age of empires.
rail road tycoon, Civilization, Silent hunter, oh here I can really
make a list:p but I won't subject you to it (too long).

Stuff I Dislike - Obnoxious people, people who think they know everything,
people who bust my chops about petty issues.]


Name: Rupeni
Nickname: rups , jay
Height: 5'10''
Weight: 180
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Location: Fiji Isles
Age: 24
Hobbies: Listening to music,playin rugby, snorkelling, readin da bible

Relationship Status: single

Fav Music: Reggae, Country

Education: Computer Science, Information Systems

Favorite Movies: Gladiator, Ben Hur, Ramboz'.......++

Favorite TV Shows: Everybody Loves Raymond ......++

Favorite Video Games: WWF PS2 .....++

Stuff you Dislike: Dishonesty, Hypocrisy
More coming when I think of it ...

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