I'm me, isn't that amazing?

I am astounded everyday :) To those who posted a page or two up, please don't have tech chat here :) Your quality information will end up just getting lost in the madness that is our community ;)


Name: G
Occupation: Photographer
Intererst: food(Cooking) Wine (in moderation) Images and art. People.
Location: Between NY and Italy

I want to start by saying thank you for all the work the people who put together communities like this one together. It really makes me feel good to know that someone is helping to develope the human aspect of the internet instead of only the commercial engine we have seen grow out of control.

I am not very savvy but if I come across something that I know something about I will try to help.

I am a native New Yorker who has lived in italy for two years Barcelona for one year and Colombia for one year and a half total over a few years.

Thank you for a warm welcome and I look forward to reading more about you. Peace. :D


Name: Ramiro
Nickname: RamiroS / Ozz / Ozzman
Height: 5'64''
Weight: 149
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Location: Cartago, Costa Rica but I'm actually from Argentina.
Age: 28
Hobbies: Creating Web Pages, PHP/MySQL, play guitar (metal / blues / everything that has feeling), design and Online Gamming.

Relationship Status: Married, 2 Children.

Fav Music: right now lots of Sonata Arctica, Lacuna Coil and Sarah McLachlan... but mainly heavy metal. Then blues, popular music, 80s and everything else...

Education: just colledge and lots of self teaching and try/error. University was not for me.

Work: web developer, technical support, some teaching (guitar and computers).

Favorite Movies: Dead poets society, Un lugar en el mundo (Arg), Matrix, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars,

Favorite TV Shows: CSI... I dont watch TV but that one catched me.

Favorite Video Games: Quake 3 Arena, Doom (1-3), Need for Speed Underground, Grand Prix 3.

Stuff you Dislike: non friendly people and full time jerks.



Mat, big (I'm not)





Ottawa, Canada's national capital


Mother Tongue
***French Canadian, not from France (hard to understand them at times)***

Other Languages
English, a little bit of Spanish (had a Spanish course in 11th grade)

Computers, Driving, Music, movies, being in my bed, Hockey (can't wait for the NHL dispute to end so I can go enjoy a game at the Corel Center again), go out with friends, being in my pool

Relationship Status

Fav Music
how about I write what types I dont like much?
jazz, blues, classical, country

Computer Programmer

Doing a Co-op as a programmer

Favorite Food
Ribs, lasagna, chinese food, chicken à la king, Subs (subway or quiznoz), pizza

Favorite Movies
Face Off, Saving Private Ryan, The Girl Next Door, The Day After Tommorow, The Matrix (all 3), The Fast and the Furious (and the sequel), Catch me if you can, Paycheck, Bruce Almighty, The Recruit

Favorite TV Shows
South Park, Family Guy, some reality shows like the amazing race and survivor

Favorite Video Games
Need for Speed Underground 1 & 2 (PC), StarCraft (PC), Half-Life 2 (PC), Burnout 3 (XBOX), Conker's Bad Fur Day (N64), DOAU (XBOX), Unreal Tournament 2004 (PC), THUG 2 (PC), NHL 2005 (PC/XBOX)

Stuff you Dislike
Drugs, teachers that know less than students, when people always think they know better than me, when people interrupts me, movie translations (Except for Garfield the Movie which is two times as funny in French with the French Canadian voices. Most French movie translations are done by people from France. Even in movies taking place in Canada. What's up with that?!?)


Just wanted to say Hi. I am starting a new community website up in Alaska and came across this website. I really like how everything is set up. Just the layout of your website alone has given me several ideas on improving my site. Thanks.


Hi. I'm the head moderator at a fairly new website for a fairly new musician. I'm a neophyte to the moderating business, but we're all volunteer and I had the most experience working with people, so I got the job. I've been looking for ideas on ways to improve the content of our forum, and of course increase our numbers, and so I was delighted to find this forum. We're learning as we go, and I anticipate finding people to chat with here who have similar issues.


Name: Brian
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 207
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Location: WI
Age: 56

Hobbies: Movies, gaming, meeting and interviewing interesting people especially authors live on the net

Relationship Status: comitted

Fav Music: Beatles, light jazz, rag, Big Band, non-heavy metal rock, mellow alternate, baroque, blue grass, music with a story (like White Rabbit) and yada yada yada.

Education: liberal arts, business, and yada yada yada.

Work: Consulting for business applications and systems

Favorite Food: Almost anything presented well.

Favorite Movies: Pulp Fiction, The Vikings, Lonesome Dove, The Matrix (all), Fifty First Dates, Total Recall, Predator, Terminator, GoodFellas, Bruce Almighty, Liar Liar, High Fidelity, Shawshank Redemption, Fifth Element, Bladerunner, Miracle on 34th Street, GrossPointBlank, Wag the Dog, Hero, -- give me Nicholson, Hoffman, Meg Ryan (while she was married) Tavolta, Sigourney Weaver and a list of others and I'll be there over and over.

Favorite TV Shows: Queer Eye, Seinfeldt, Six Feet Under, Deadwood, Sopranos

Favorite Video Games: Bejeweled, Tri-dem perks,

Stuff you Dislike: people who flick their cigarettes out of their car window or litter in general, blue screens in the middle of newsletter composition, live conference or level 7 of anything


:cool: Name is Kuowang (user name)
but I am not Chinese
Height is 164 cm
Weight is about 70 kg
Eyes are brown, the two of them.
Hair is brown, some white threads about
Age is 50
Hobbies: Classical music only, (Bruckner) cycling, computers, fractals
Background is the sciences, U Berlin and Zurich
I am going to start with C++, I'll soon need it
Right now I am about to finish a second book on Gothic architecture
More specifically the geometry used by master masons in the Low
Middle Ages. Y cracked down the way they used their very simple
You will understand this. It is an algorithm. Very clever of them, and
a fairly complex program. Buildings were designed with eight
numbers 1 to 8. That's all. Historically they are known as the first and
second Pythagorean tetraktys. Their version of their primeval Big
Bang, the central point where the algorithm starts. A pair of
compasses, a ruler and scales. The procedure explains why they were
able to build such complex buildins. But I must be boring you.
My location is Grand Canaria, Spain, 90 miles off the African coast.
I must say I don't fully understand, at least not yet, the rituals of
your fora. And your computarese. Give me chance, will you? And
dont't expect that I say much, I won't be able to produce snippets
of code to help others.
Well, that's all for now. Wait, not all.
The opus geometricum, the mediaeval procedure used by masters,
could be understood as an historical instance of an early but
extremely sophisticated program!



Hello All,
Gary from Cleveland, Texas. That's about 45 miles NE of Houston.
I'm originally from Wanaque, NJ.


Name: Tony
Nickname: Tone, Tone-Tone, Valuehosted and ShackBase
Height: 5'10''
Weight: 190
Hair: Dark-Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Location: Rockford, IL USA
Born: Eskilstuna, Sweden
Age: 32

Hobbies: Working on a ton of different projects all day long and night, family, diaper changing (not a hobby per se but it takes up a HUGE part of my day)

Relationship Status: Married with 4 kids

Fav Music: A lot of different things, most anything from the 80s, top 40, basically anything but thrash, blues or jazz.

Education: Business Management Bachelor

Military: Swedish Armed Forces - Arctic Ranger

Work: Sales Support (LogicNow) and owner of Shack Base

Favorite Food: Italian, Chineese, MEAT (the juicier the better)

Favorite Movies: Top gun, Knights Tale, Pulp Fiction, Anything new and exciting at the movies

Favorite TV Shows: West Wing, Navy NCIS, JAG, Friends, The Family Guy

Favorite Video Games: Battlefield series (BFV currently), MOH series and Call of Duty and simulators (airplane/submarine)

Stuff you Dislike: There are days where I dislike the whole human race but then someone does something to turn me around. :)


Hi Guys-

Hobbies-Waterfowler,decoy carver working with Labs
married w/ kids grown and out on their own

I have joined this site with the intention of soaking up as much good info as I can. I am not techno literate to the extent many of you are here and so I may shake my head a few times trying to make sense of it all.
I have a little site and like I read someones post on here earlier any 3rd grader can follow the how tos and make a site. My goal however is to offer the best site I can, and that means becoming more www. savvy.
Tonight I was asked to look into setting up a website for a local waterfowl chapter. I have conceptualization skills but limited technical abilities. but as they say willing to learn.

Trivia: My son in law works for a company as a programmer contracted to EA games. Being a gamer as well I think thats pretty cool.


Name: Nadia
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 185
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown
Location: Barbados
Age: 26

Hobbies: ezboards, living on the net literally, managing my online store and sometimes chatting

Relationship Status: comitted

Fav Music: Alternative (U2), Gavin De Graw, Green day etc, Rock, Korn etc, Calypso, Hip Hop

Education: Assoc Deg Lit & History, BS Sociology & Law, Diploma Law,LLB Law Degree

Work: Law Student/ Executive Producer

Favorite Food: Rice, macaroni pie BBQ chicken and coleslaw.

Favorite Movies: Any Vin Disel Movie, Brown Sugar,The Matrix (all), Fifty First Dates, Predator, Terminator, The Best Man, Bruce Almighty, Set It Off, Soul Food.

Favorite TV Shows: Medium,The OC, One Tree Hill, Top Model& Smallville

Favorite Video Games:

Stuff you Dislike: people who smile in your face and talk behind your back, people who make others feel small when theyre obviously in a vulnerable position, hell dumb, stupid people


i am anew egyptien member

name: waleed sorour

age: 19

engineering student

hopies: logining to the internet & discovering the new

"love egypt so mush"

and hope all people love it

& i am anew member in your comunity


Name: DJG
Nickname: Dot, HH (Head Heathen)
Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 127
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Location: MI
Age: Ummm, I probably have shoes older than many of you.
Hobbies: Strength Training/Weight Lifting, Reading, Writing, Teasing my cats

Relationship Status: Married but not dead

Fav Music: Hard Rock, Soft Rock, Oldies, Journey, Ted Nugent, The Cure, Robert Palmer, Meat Loaf, Beatles, Aerosmith, Etc.

Education: Medical, Private Investigation, Malware Removal

Work: PA (Physician's Assistant - but left the field in September, 2004) Freelance Writer

Favorite Food: Pizza, Veggies, Fruits, Salads, Eggs, and a love for candy

Favorite Movies: Air Force One, Delta Force, Steel Magnolias, Airport, Others too numerous to mention

Favorite TV Shows: Law & Order, Family Plot, Court TV/Live Programming, Golden Girls

Favorite Video Games: None - don't play them

Stuff you Dislike: Liars, Condescending People, Frivolous Lawsuits

I subscribe to the theory that laughter is the best medicine and be forewarned, I have a wild sense of humor. I try to find the funny side in everything, and trust me, there truly is an element of humor in even the most mundane of tasks. Seek and ye shall find. :cheesy:


Hi my name is Paul. I am currently the web designer for << url snipped >> I came to this forum, i dont know how, to strengthen my we design skills and to get some feedback on my future plans. I am 20 years old and live in Baltimore, MD. I am going to college, as of right now, but am moving to Jacksonville, FL to live with my friend. I have started an online community but i need to strenghten my web design/promotional skills if i want this site to be successful. I am hoping to get to know alot of you, and hope to find this site very interesting and to get feedback on my work.


Name: Michele
Nickname: SistuhM
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 170
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Location: City of Lost Angels, CA
Age: 34
Hobbies: PC puzzles, Reading/Writing Erotica, Speaking Spanish, Gaming, Barhopping, Camping and playing Darts.

Relationship Status: Single and searching for the "1"

Fav Music: Nuyorican Soul, Afro-Cuban, Ambient-Trance, Acid-Jazz, Hippy and Funk music from the 60's, Classic Rock

Education: BA English from Cal Berkeley, MA Ed. from Mills College

Work: English, Reading and ESL Teacher

Favorite Food: Japanese, Italian, Thai and Soul food

Favorite Movies: Air Force One, Delta Force, Steel Magnolias, Airport, Others too numerous to mention

Favorite TV Shows: L-word, Queer-Eye, Six Feet Under, Pen & Teller Bullshit, Real Sex

Favorite Video Games: Various

Stuff you Dislike: Republicans, elitists, judgemental and condescending, mterialistic and closed-minded people, cellphones


Cool sitE!Chad told me about his place.anyway Im here to learn how to make my own thang because I have never before..
Name: Dalia
Nickname: Jabber jaws,munchies,Cc,Energizer bunny,Bubbles,Chrissie ect..
Height: 5'2
Weight: 107 grrr I want to be 103 again
Ethnicity:Chinese/Russian jew/Chetz/Austrian
Hair: Brown
Eyes: lightBrown
Location: california
Age: 17 (birthday December 16,1987
Hobbies:Anything new fun,exciting,spontaneous,adventurous,and OuTrAgEoUs!
Relationship Status:TAKEN

Fav Music: hiphop,jazz,trance,r&b,classical,rock..
Education: senior
Favorite Food: sushi,italian
Favorite Movies: alice in wonderland,labrynth,lord of the rings,matrix, ect...
Favorite TV Shows:I dont really watch television that much but when I do its "Will and grace"and Everwood
Favorite Video Games: Old school Nintendo"Super mario,Donkey Kong,Mario Kart and party,Yoshis Island lol and right now I get into my Ds.
Stuff you Dislike:I have no respect for people who are ghetto,obnoxious,lack self control,sleeezy, and two face jealous back stabbers.Scrubs(if you know the song then you'll know what it is) are repulsive and pathetic,women who cake their face with make up,shave their eye brows,wear fake nails,and have fake breasts are the kinds that I also have no respect for.Men that go to strip clubs while bragging about it are absolutly pathetic because they degrade themself.(What for? make yourself broke and go home with blueballs)I also dislike racism......god make us all..so dont disrespect him. :p


Name Robert
Age 65
Feel like and old man at side of you lot
Programming in C++ and Builder
Long walks with my dog a Border Collie
Listening to Music Easy Listening Tom Jones John Lennon frank sinatra
i am Married to Kathleen
i have 2 boys and one girl
a Lt col in the army
a bus Driver and my Daughter An Executive with O2 cell phones
My favourite Tv shows are Emmerdale and Coronation street about life in northern England were i Live
I do dislike arrogant drivers the type with a mobile phone stuck to their ear doing 70 mph

thats about it really


Name: XIA
Nickname: NEO, SILENT RANGER.. :o
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: never waighted myself :o
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown
Location: PAK
Age: 21
Hobbies: Surfing the NET,

Relationship Status: Took a Girl and now lookin for another one :mrgreen:

Fav Music: Soft Rock

Education: Doing my Bechlors in CSc

Work: Tech Support Officer

Favorite Food: ALL that taste GooD :mrgreen:

Favorite Movies: Gladiator, Phone Booth, Matrix all of em, & lots more

Favorite TV Shows: Friends, Every body Loves Raymond

Favorite Video Games: Max Payne 1, 2, IGI 1, 2 ;)

Stuff you Dislike: Liars, Haterz n I hate Cockroaches :mad:


Name - Hazael
Nickname - Mano, Haza
Height - kinda 165 cm.
Weight - A little more than the usual this last months.
Hair - Black
Eyes - Dark brown
Location - MX
Age - 23

Hobbies - Do things in the Computer, Read, Movies, Web design, Videogames, chat with my cousins n' friends...etc.

Relationship Status - single. In a few more yrs I'll start to look 4 her

Fav Music - 80's spanish rock, 80's english rock, Trance, House, Deep house, chill out, Aleks Syntek www.alekssyntek.com.mx, The Cranberries, Soft Rock R&B

Education - Informatic at www.itcm.edu.mx

Favorite Movies - Back to the Future, I, II, III, Alien, Aliens, Alien III, Alien Resurrection, The Transporter, Ice Age, Robots, Panic Room...

Favorite TV Shows - The Simpsons, 24, Malcom in the middle

Favorite Computer Games - Tomb Raider series, Starcraft. No more.

Stuff I Dislike - Hypocrite people, people who lies,

I'll write more when I remember more things.


I am here to share code and appreciation of problems that cause sometime coders to write code. A lot of the problems that cause me to write code are around trying to ask questions of a mountain of data.

I like to play computer games.


hi ya
im located in yorkshire england i use c++ builder and have done for a while i am working on a little program but i need it to open with a passwoed and i need to be able to change the password i know i could use the registry but i dont want this route but that is were i am stuck i could use another database to store the passwords but i cant figure out how to access it at run time



Name: Cro
Nickname: Too many...
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 55 kg
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Location: Romania
Age: 21
Hobbies: Drawing, painting, singing, reading, playing, sleeping...? and even more, if you watch next episode!

Relationship Status: long-term relation.

Fav Music: Almost everything, prefering rock...

Education: ? Last thing i remember is high-school. I am in colege right now.

Work: student... not working.

Favorite Movies: come on!

Favorite TV Shows: i dont watch TV.

Favorite Video Games: Diablo2(expansion), DungeonSiege, Baldur's Gate, Gothic (1,2), Laxius Power(2,3) :p, Yuri's Revenge... stuff like that, but more RPGs.

Stuff you Dislike: come on!

04-24-2003, 06:34 AM :rolleyes: :rolleyes:


Name: Cynthia
Nickname: Cyn, Babe (from my baby..),
Height: 5'8''
Weight: umm... i never weigh myself ;)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Location: Sweden
Age: 21
Hobbies: Dancing, listening to music, playing piano, playing the Xbox, watching cartoons, going to the movies, painting, drawing, playing around on the pc, sun-bathing..(gotta keep my tan!!)

Relationship Status: in relationship ;)

Fav Music: Tough question! I listen to almost anything but i guess i would have to say, Chemical brothers, Mariah Carey, Oasis, Weezer.. *looks at play list.. "what else is on there?"*, Nelly, Avril Lavigne, The Killers, Jennifer Lopez, Teddybears STHLM... just to name a few ;)

Education: High school of course, then one year of swedish at university. I then got into International Industrial Economy but switched to what really is my thing: media and communication engineering. Still studying!

Work: Math tutor.. otherwise, nothing right now.

Favorite Food: Thai food, fries, lasagna.. anything bad for me ;)

Favorite Movies: Tons!! High Fidelity, Taxi (all of them), any Pixar Studios movie, The Rock, Ice Age, Ocean's Eleven, Ocean's Twelve, Star Wars (mostly the earlier ones..)

Favorite TV Shows: The Family Guy, The Simpsons, Futurama, Frasier, 7th heaven, Desesperate Housewives..

Favorite Video Games: I play mostly Xbox.. The sims (all of them), Metal Gear Solid, Theif, Whiplash, DOA, Halo..

Stuff you Dislike: taking the bus, coffe that's gotten cold, ppl who are full of themselves, getting asked if i have a webcam when online, ppl who leave without saying bye (once again, online ... i spend a lot of time there ;) ), the alarm clock, writting essays.. :!:


Name: Sulnibs
Nickname: Uly,Abu
Height: 5'5''
Weight: 102
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Location: Abhu Dahbi
Age: 19
Hobbies: Listening to music, (that bit we didn't need to know - Catweazle),playing video games,messing with computers
Relationship Status: married(thrice)

Fav Music: traditional Indian music
Education: currently going to college in a great engineering college in Ahbu Dhabi
Work: programmer, computer technician
Favorite Food:pizza, traditional Indian food
Favorite Movies: A Tale of Two Tities, The Pamela Anderson Video,
Favorite TV Shows: just the playboy channel in general
Favorite Video Game: Motocross XXX
Stuff you Dislike: Americans,rap


22 Years of Age
Auron, but my friends call me Frosty (long story).
South Africa, nope no lions in my backyard either.
I am an adreniline junkie, so no stamp collection.
She got eaten by a shark, told her to stay in cage.
Anything fast paced, heavy metal, etc.
Senior IT Administrator.
Being around friends, chinese food.
People asking to many questions.
Movies, no. Tv, no. Games, adventure and rpg. Clubbing, yeah.

Think that is more than enough information I should give out to complete total strangers I haven't met, otherwise you are going to start asking questions, and I dislike being asked questions and I sure don't want not to like any of you but if you ask me questions I don't like I will certainly develop a dislike in you and you won't like it when I don't like you.

Lost you there? Not. Must be loosing my touch then.

Anyway hope to talk, argue and dispute with you folks in the upcoming time.

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