My name is Max I am from Cleveland, OH and I work as a database developer. I also do web pages and other web related functions. Any other questions let me know


My name is Joy and I have 2 small dogs. I live Calgary, Alberta, Canada. (Just above Montana.) I am twice as old as most of you and have been using Macs for graphic design since they first came out. I love my G4.
Ten years ago I was at the top of my game - an expert at Illustrator, Xpress and Photoshop. I even taught classes in graphic software! A major illness set me back but I am "back in the saddle again". My present challenge is to learn Indesign, Flash and Dreamweaver.
My music tastes are very eclectic - Elvis Costello, Clash, Miles Davis, Beck, Violent Femmes, Jimmy Rogers, Frank Zappa, Patsy Cline some classical, some blues, most Jazz!
I like to read popular science and Sci-fi novels. I love to do crossword puzzles.
My favorite movies include: Down by Law, Monsters Inc, Predator, Memento, Withnail and I, Blade Runner, Brazil, and any movie with Johnny Depp in it!


Hey! My name is stuart. I live in australia and Im a college student at the moment. Im hoping to be a marine engineer when im finished. i love sailing and cricket. i dont know a lot about computers but im learning... im into funny movies, especially ones with adam sandler. i like heaps of different types of music, but my fave is 'old school'


morgan ceo of A+ computer repair. just wanted to introduce myself.

morgan pappa
A+ computer repair(maryland computer repair)


Hi - I am an OAP living in the UK on the South Coast. I stumbled on this Group whilst looking for information on how to remove something nasty - lol.

I've been reading through previous posts about it and I think it's all too technical for me.

I'm pretty good at following instructions but when it comes to starting in safe mode and log files, etc. it all seems to go over my head.

Is there any hope for me I wonder.

I was going to ask for help but I have read all the things to do beforehand and I am confused already.

Maybe I should go back to knitting eh ;)


hi, I Know I Haven't Posted Often But It's Been Kindda Hectic Around Home.
I'm Dawn Wade In Waycross, Ga. I'm Into Gospel Singing Promotions & Wrestling Promotions.
Actually Just Restarting In Wrestling Promotions & I'm Looking For A Group Of Wrestlers To Work With Me, Trying To Start My Own Group.


Wow, a wrestler, eh? Cool!

I suggest setting up your own website (if you have'nt already done so) then when you get 10 posts, you can put a link in your signature to the site so people can apply to be part of your group!



My names janine, im 23 and live in the uk in essex to be exact. i dont have any nicknames, well not that id like to mention anyway:lol: . Im into rock music mainly and i love going to concerts. i wont go into my weight and what not cos its good for a girl to be a little mysterious but i will tell you that strange as it may seem i dont work in the IT industry (not yet anyway). im a security guard but i am studying to become a computer repair technician and only one more little bit of th course to do and its done. phew!!!:D


Hey janine, thanks for introducing yourself at last! You've really posted a lot of good stuff as far as I've seen, so keep up the good work!


Hey janine, thanks for introducing yourself at last! You've really posted a lot of good stuff as far as I've seen, so keep up the good work!

thankyou :D :lol: strangely enough i'm still learning about computers so if theres something i dont know i'll ask, but if i know and know how to solve a problem i'll advise as best as is possible.

feel free to ask whenever something bogs you down.:)


Your welcome. That's exactly the kind of attitude Daniweb needs! :)

and what all ppl here tend to show. gr8 stuff:D



My name is Brad and I am an IT Specialist/Network Admin for a supply company in Jesup, GA. My background is networking, fiber optics, and intallation & maintenance. I have done some minor web development, mostly graphical stuff. One of my biggest responsibilties right now is managing an Access database for our commissary side of business. I'm learning something new everyday and am interested in what you guys have going on here. Prior to my current job, I was an instructor at a local Tech School. I am pro education and this site seems to promote that aspect well. I'm proud to be a part and look forward to helping out in what I can and also learning something along the way.

Looking forward to future posts!



Name - Stacey
Nickname - Stace
Height - 5'10"
Weight - rude question
Hair - Blonde
Eyes - Blue
Location - Who knows, it changes with the weather
Age - It changes with the weather also

Hobbies - Graphic design, web design, writing, the Internet, music, reading, art.
Relationship Status - Uninterested

Occupation: High school grad; freelance designer (hint hint)

Fav Music - Don't even get me started on that

Education - High school graduate; cant afford Uni right now, although I'm waiting for financial means...

Favorite Movies - I have a few, but don't watch movies all that often.

Favorite TV Shows - CSI, Without a trace, things like that, or good humorous shows
Favorite Computer Games - Strategic ones

Things and People I Dislike - the phrase "residency restrictions apply", the US government's shortcomings, nazis, liberal idiots, pro-abortion activists, antisemitism, smokers, drunks, druggies, closed-minded people who revel in their own philosophical ideas which are contradictory once grouped together, those people who cant make up their mind about God, or anything else for that matter.


Hello to all. Just found this forum today and thought I would join you:

Name: Miles
Nickname: none
Height: 5'11''
Weight: 170
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Location: NOVA
Age: 40something
Hobbies: Software, science-related fields, art, and travel. (not necessarily in that order)

Relationship Status: single

Looking forward to gleaning some good nfo and assisting others where I can.

"I feel more now like I did than when I first got here"



i`m sa3ando from Kuwait ( in Asia) 30 old married with 1 boy

i`m intrested of domains as dealer and of course intrested to make new friends around world

my looknig? i dont think is good idea to description my self ... :cheesy:

not handsome at all

my english language is bad ...thats means i well fight to make new friends here.

thats all thanks


Hello people, thanks very much for this forum, it's really useful, any way here is my info:

Name: Mohammed
Height: 172 cm (Sorry for using the French system)
Weight: 85 Kgs (And workin on it)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark Brown
Location: Cairo, Egypt
Age: 17

Education:Currently a freshman in The Faculty of Computers and Informatics, Cairo University

Hobbies: Computing (Of course), Anything to do with science and technology, Reading, and Politics

Relationship Status: Single, obviously

Favourite Music: Electronic music

That's 'nuff I guess!! :)


Name: Rahul
Nickname: rghai6
Height: 5'10"
Weight: I recently joined a gym for weight loss,so dont ask right now
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Location: Mumbai,India
Age: 19
Hobbies: Sports, Computers, and music

Relationship Status: Single

Favorite Music:Classic Rock(Ledzep,Floyd,Hendrix,Marley,etc.)


Hi All I'm givn The Big Strike Boss og My Own Company I'm working In Host Desiges And All Web Stuff


Name: Salman, Khwaja

Job: QA Analyst

Into Web Standards, (Found nothing in here) I would like to request th admin something here for Web Standards,

S/w: Mozilla Firefox, Thunderbird, VSS
Movies: Kill Bill, What's the worst can happen

Weight : A few pounds on the right spots,
Hieght : Normal
Eyes: Very soulful,
Smile: Contegious
Personality: Typical Male type (Feminists beware)
Location: PK.


hello everyone, am kelvin, fine in complexion, 16'12 feet , i play with computer so i love to shear ideas :)


Hello folks!

Site handle: Faverdi
Name: Takashi
Height: 5'10"
Age 49
: Single

Hobby: HYIP

Computer: Compaq and Gateway


I've been attracted by HYIP programs. I was doing some data entry work of VERIO
at home. But due to the wrist pain, I bought an ergonomics mouse. Finally I've decided to find something else as a job. However, these programs are mostly scams.
In addition, they don't pay to me. You know I'm an old Danish friend. I used to handle database search from when there was Nifty only around, in the Embassy, using my computer. This was 15 years ago. Nowadays everything is in the Internet. Strange things are, for example, certain GE stopped paying interest to me from May 28th. Certain GF doesn't return my $818. Certain CF didn't return my $260 and when phoned, said some weird message: "is told so...". Certain OI dissappeared with my $1300 still not returned. Certain HF ($300) was an absolute fraud but their page is still visible. Certain UG has login problem, heavy and cannot withdraw always. Soon I made a huge debt. These sites are some massive thiefs. Do Americans have such mentality? In Japan we say: "Even a dangerous crossing, if all cross, there's no fear". At the time of the Gold Rush, there were a lot of robbers and bandits. Then there is this strange total scam, DPH, which stopped paying on 24th. But even before, they didn't pay a small amount to me. The admin replied in the first place that he grew up in the Japanese environment from 3 years old and wanted to visit very strongly and feels jealous. He kept asking my ICQ or Messenger but I don't place these to my PC. At some site, they indicate that they are a group. This one was not a problem because I invested only $35. There seems to be a lot of categories, but almost all are waiting the money to fall on their head and to run away with it.



I'm a right brain left brain kinda person. My three passions in life are Airbrushing, Back-end Web Programming and Billiard. If I remember correctly, art is a left brain function, web programming would be right brained and Billiards is all around muscle and mind control.

I like all three equally and have problems dividing my time. I've been working on a Forum for my website and would like to share it with the world. I just got it up and running so if someone wants to register with it please do so. Anything would help.

<< url snipped >>

I play around 40 hrs of billiards a week and am working on getting hired as a professional airbrush artist in Phoenix. I've built a few ecommerce sites and will continue to do so in the future. The ecommerce sites I built are << url snipped >> and << url snipped >>(the owner of the domain is working on routing the name to the ip address). And last but not least, 100% self programmed...well, minus the Forum << url snipped >>

That's a little about me.



Hi everyone!
I felt bad asking for help without introducing myself.....Glad this thread was here..hehehe
I'm not a very big computer person.....unlike most of the people in here...

Name: ISabelle
Nickname: Bel, Ben, Izzie, Iz,
Height: 5'02''(so short T_T)
Weight: 110
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Location: CA
Age: 22
Hobbies: cooking,traveling, video games, anime,swimming,soccer,eating, sleeping, and a lot of other stuff but i can't think of everything right now..... :cheesy:

Relationship Status: single

Fav Music: everything really....
Education: non computer related ed....political science and French
Work: starving begging college student.....
Favorite Food: steak!!!, any asian food ,barbeque,french food,seafood
Favorite Movies: Man, so many.....Shaolin soccer, Grave of the Fireflies, Kung Fu Hustle,actually a lot of martial art movies...
Favorite TV Shows: The Family Guy, The Simpsons, ER, CSI, Food Network shows (except for Emeril)
Favorite Video Games: Anything Zelda, Starfox,GTA,Metal Gear,Onimusha 1,2,3, counterstrike,
Stuff you Dislike: SLow people driving with their cell phone up to their ear!!arrgh....,jerks,hoochies, and full of crap people :evil:

I think that's it about me....feel free to email me if you want, i'm always happy to make new friends!


Name: Erica

Nickname: EJ, Jaini, Janine

Height: 5'8''

Weight: Just fine.

Hair: Dark Blonde, shoulder length

Eyes: Hazel (sometimes bloodshot from computer eyestrain) :twisted:

Location: The Woodlands (NORTH Houston), Texas

Age: 32

Hobbies: Listening to music, singing and performing, anything on the water or outdoors, cooking, fishing with Scott (aka Master Hotness), driving to work (uh, not...Houston is bigger than Rhode freakin' Island....)

Relationship Status: Nicely entangled, thank you very much. :p

Fav Music: Just about everything. I listen to everything from MercyMe to 50 Cent to Hank Williams, Jr.

Education: Computer Science, Pharmacy (in a former life)

Work: Sr. Software Engineer (whatever that is) / manager for a Fortune 100 company.

Favorite Food: Seafood, sushi, chicken wangs, Scott and Drew's famous ribeye steak and mushrooms

Favorite Movies: Wow, what's with the hard questions... The Last Samurai, Fight Club, Matrix, Star Wars Revenge of the Sith, Sideways

Favorite Books: Left Behind series, Heart of the Artist (non-fiction)

Favorite TV Shows: The Family Guy, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, South Park, Stargate SG1

Favorite Video Games: Jak 2 and 3, Star Wars Republic, Ratchet and Clank

Stuff you like: Beating Drew, Scott, Amanda, and Hailey at Texas Hold 'Em. Yes, I rock. Worship me and give me all of your chips.

Stuff you Dislike: Driving to work, death marches at work (infrequent as they are), getting up early, balancing my checkbook, paying 2+ bucks/gal for gas!


Name: Kerri
Nickname: KAB, Kallison, KByrd
Height: 5'4
Weight: no way
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: green/blue
Location: Sylacauga, AL
Age: 19

I am currently pursuing an Associates in Applied Science in Computer Science and am kinda struggling with C++ so any help would be appreciated.


New to your forum. Very leary of posting personal info on internet. Loking for any help with leadtek tv 2000xp Support. tv tuner card works fine and fm tuner did before feb, now closes and says "wffm.exe has generated errors and will be closed by windows. An error log has been created." radio stays on but program does not.???? uninstalled and reinstalled several times. Very aggravating. Any ideas?


Nice idea for a thread.

Name: Mike
Nickname: none
Height: 5'11''
Weight: 150
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Location: San Diego
Age: 35
Busy with: search engine optimization, web development, some programming and a lot of partying.

Relationship Status: single and not really looking
Nice to be on a forum where I can get away from the usual search engine marketing talk :)


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