You put a ^ to say something about the user above you,a < to say something about yourself and a V to say something about who will post below you!

ok here goes...


<Feels left out,but hopes people will play!

V will you play?

commented: :) +0

^ Nice Human on Earth

< Tired right now

v Did you play the same ?

^ Another Nice Human on Earth

< Browsing for last 4 hours.

V will continue.

^ is the guy above me

< spends to long on the interwebs

V has a computer

^ Better late than never
< :icon_lol:
v Come on man,we waitin

dont know who he is

< has a ridiculus post count

v is next

is quite famous on daniweb...

< logging on daniweb after a long time...

V will be posting next

^ Has a low post count

< is a daniweb addict

V has a better hair do than me!

^I like your display pic

<me...dont have one

V man where you @

^ Growing Member

< Me...Confused right now

v Hope you post something

^ Joined Daniweb in Nov 2006
> Waiting for reply
V Let's See Who Next....???

^ He Loves HipHop Music
< I want to be a DJ
V A Guy or a Gal?

^ No of posts less than mine ;)
> Not He, But She.
V Solved any threads or not?

^ not, a gorgeous gal
< Studying some programming Languages
V Hi to next poster!

^ Hi too..

< Supporting this thread ;)

v You are feeling lucky today...huh ?

^Is a gr8 supporter

<Hi danni peeps

v Guess who

^Loves to post

<Tired and wants to go home

vHas more posts then I?

^Has less posts than I

<Likes this game

vMore posts than I?

^ you're a liar(LOL)

< weekend is here

v whatz up

^ nothing much (except your solved threads compared to mine!)

< am starting to really like DaniWeb!!

V I hope is having a great day


< Not regular due to ISP's disaster since last month

v How are you ?

^ Chillin--Literally, it is flippin cold in my office and the thermostat is broke!!

< Wished the thermostat was fixed so I can turn off the flippin AC!

V Does your flippin thermostat work?

^ Yes, mine works fine. I hope your thermostat is working now.

< Wants to write a song with his acoustic guitar.

V Do you play the guitar?

^ hell no(to busy on pc and sh!t)

< Im looking at this silly crazy peeps at work

v please crack a joke to put me in a better mood

^ in response to above....Why did the fish get kicked out of school?
Cause he was caught with seaweed.

< great at jokes lol

v hopefully will tell a better joke!

^ Not originally mine:
Child: "Mom, why do you have strands of grey hair mixed in with your dark hair?"

Mother: "Every time you disobey, I get one strand of grey hair. If you want me to stay pretty, you better obey."

Child after some thinking: "Mom, why is Grandma's hair all grey?"

< I hope you enjoyed the joke... :)

v Tell us something about you that we don't know...

^ Asks many personal Questions

< - Eating cookies @ the moment

V - Sitting nude while surfing :D

<Posted after a lot of hesitation seeing the above post =D
V Has 3 balls

^ smart **
< tennis basket golf (balls)
<< why is he doing this at 2 in the morning
V has chocolate

^ Is very smart!! (I do have chocolate in the cookies im eating)
< Only has 1 sock on
V Will tell us something about where they work