^ Lern2Predict
< Don't work anywhere XD
V Hungry?

^ Jobless mindreader
< Just ate a pot of kung-pao and is still hungry... all the day
V Loves playing the tetris!

You put a ^ to say something about the user above you,a < to say something about yourself and a V to say something about who will post below you!

ok here goes...


<Feels left out,but hopes people will play!

V will you play?

..yes! i want to play

^I herd u liek caik
< Liek caik :P
V Lieks caik too

^ Knows me well!! (I only like chocolate cake though)
< Is enjoying some Pepsi
V Is gonna go take a bath after they reply

^Should be undressing by now
< Screaming because my toenail (big toe) is 3/4 severed :(
V Physically OK?

^ Wants to see me naked
< Has seen me naked
v Wants to see me naked

^ Wants to see em naked
< Wants to be naked
v Will see me naked

^ Wants to know what im up to

< Just drinking some Coke @ the moment

V Just got home from the gym :)

< Relaxin after a hell lot of time :(
V Pic of you plz?

^ Wants me to expose myself in a pic!
< Gonna go in the hottub in a bit
V Has over 500 posts :)

^ learn2count please :D
< Loves the rain
v Favourite colour is... Green

<Meh second favorite color is red
V Fat.

<Meh second favorite color is red
V Fat.

^ Rude :P
< Not fat
V Does martial arts

^ Nope
< prefers Marital arts :)
V really does martial arts?

^ Yep :twisted:
< Jiu Jitsu
V Was abducted by aliens 2 years ago

^ Is probably fibbing
< Drinking some Pepsi
V Listening to WWF wrestling @ the moment

^ Should rather drink Coke
< Is listening to Rise Against right now
V Needs a shower

^ Thinks he knows best
< Is barefoot
V Mi$$es the 80s like crazy!

^ Is most likely 10 years older than me
< Only lived through 2 years of the 80's
V Pizza and beer?

^ Doesnt know i hate beer
< Really hate things made today (Quality is bad,etc)
V Listening to the radio @ the moment..

^ Nope listening to sweet nothing at the moment
< Is thankfully that the christmas shopping is finished
V Will buy all the presents on christmas eve

^ Just reminded me to buy prezzies. Will do it christmas eve.
< Chewing gum right now
V Needs a Redbull

^ Must be careful not to choke or swallow it
< Prefers coffee over redbull
V Is putting the kettle on... please?

^ reads minds
< has teakettle & coffee maker on for breakfast (slept in 8:15am)
V is NOT late for work today

^ tea & cofee together for breakfast!!!!!!!!
< I m new to this place.
V tea or coffee anyone?

Off thread
coffee for me
tea for missus

^ Thinks he knows all
< Is barefoot @ the moment
V Will disclose some secret sometime in the next week

Ill never give away my secrets!

<I like velveeta cheese on my pizza

Is super awsome