^ Is laid back
< Is wondering what to do...
V Doesn't know what they got into 0.o :L

^ Is signing thier ABCs right now
< Enjoying some Pepsi
V Wants to sing us thier ABCs :)

enjoys pepsi.

< don't like pepsi.

may prefer coke.

^ doesn't like my favourite drink ;)
< loves pepsi :D
V hopefully also loves pepsi :)

^ - Knows me well
< - Drinking some Pepsi :)
V - Wants to go outside in the buff

^ Has seen you around this place quite a few times :)
< Is off school 'cos it's snowwwwwwwwwwwwwwing :D
V wants more snow

^ lied about the snow
< Absent for long time
V Have we met?

^ haven't technically met :)
< Didn't lie about the snow (snowed from Tue - Fri in south-east England. Ooooh yeahhh :D)
V Is koooool

^ lied again, it's hot here (southern half of the world), and no snow, but that too is cool.
< enjoying the games, passing some time
V waiting for you

^ waiting for you to believe me
< going to enjoy a game in the minute
V is equal to ^

^ OK, you are believable
< Going to bed now, it's late here.
V See your post tomorrow

^ acceptance
< is in a different time zone to you
V will post soon!!!!

^ Must be sleeping now
< May go to the beach today
V Are you awake?

^ woke up earlier than me
< snow is melting :'(
V hasn't had any snow

^ correct, you get 10 points
< had a tan, now for a BQ
v where are you? come out!

^ thanks for the ten points!
< wouldn't be a secret if I told you where I was hiding ;)
V have a guess where

^ in the little dark room?
< got sunburned yesterday
v I have a beer for us, open your usb port, i'll pour yours down

^ don't beer my computer! NOoooooooooooooooOOoOOoOoo...
< didn't get dressed yesterday
V i only have pepsi in return :/

^ pepsi is cool,
< almost never get dressed
V why do you dress?

^ I get dressed when I have to go places.
< Has to go out now
V Byes :)

^ Shopping time
< Me too have to shop
V Are you next?

^ has funny avatar
< bored at work
V is male?

^ get another job
< am I male?
V hey! you next

^ no Hey You!
< is looking for another job
V hello and good bye

^ why goodbye, are you going away?
< I just found out I actually am male
V So, your next, wazzup?

^ This symbol is up.
< I'm tired, 'innit'.
V seey'all tomorrow :)

^ was a lazy post
< is tired and only just started work
V got milk?

^ have a beer instead
< am not tired, but am lazy
V smile

^ :)
< gotta go play tennis
V seeya later :)

^ come back soon
< I feel sleepy
V excited about the new year?