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Yes very wierd!!!

I didnt know there was an OPEN PATH between your nose and eyes!


Somewhat repugnant! Do they teach that sort of skill in public school?

rather amusingly, in england/wales the "public school" means a school which you pay for, i think you mean "state school"


A "public school" in the US is a school where the kids go that can't afford to pay for a "private School". Public schools are funded by taxing the neighbourhood's houses and shops. If you live in a poor neighbourhood, then you have poor public schools. Teaching a kid how to squirt milk out of his eyes might be the best education he will ever get.


I grew up in a very poor neighborhood and went to a very poor public school in the Detroit area. Most of my education I got from my uncle who was a professor at the University of Detroit. This way I didn't have to learn to squirt milk out of my eyes to make a living in a freak show.

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