Very strange indeed!

I wonder if it hurt when the milk went in his nose!! (usually burns when water gets in there)


thats nothing new, my mate can do it. he tried to do bitter lemon, but it f***** up his sinuses

Thats just weird.:-/

Yes very wierd!!!

I didnt know there was an OPEN PATH between your nose and eyes!

sinuses, thats why when you sneeze, your eyes and ears pop

Ah thank you,didnt realize it i guess.

Somewhat repugnant! Do they teach that sort of skill in public school?

Now if a cow could to that, that would be supernaturally mysterious or even fantastically strange.

Somewhat repugnant! Do they teach that sort of skill in public school?

rather amusingly, in england/wales the "public school" means a school which you pay for, i think you mean "state school"

A "public school" in the US is a school where the kids go that can't afford to pay for a "private School". Public schools are funded by taxing the neighbourhood's houses and shops. If you live in a poor neighbourhood, then you have poor public schools. Teaching a kid how to squirt milk out of his eyes might be the best education he will ever get.

i went to a comprehensive (state school)

I grew up in a very poor neighborhood and went to a very poor public school in the Detroit area. Most of my education I got from my uncle who was a professor at the University of Detroit. This way I didn't have to learn to squirt milk out of my eyes to make a living in a freak show.

"He is an inspiration for many around the village"

I suppose inspiration is all relative.