Hi all,
I want to look American power like this for Russia

Can you help me ?

I try to typed lot of things but without success , I want to see American Bombs in actions ,and there machines in Action like Russians .

I got a lot of things about American Army , Navy but I did not find any Bomb in action or some Machine destruction .

Thanks for reading and I hope that my youtube link won't effect on you .

I liked the video. The music very interesting. I wish I could understand what they were saying. :-/

The music is interesting , I agree . By the way , they want to said that they can make a powerful movie :D ,that is the second thought witch come to my mind .The first one is Too much Idiotic and I do not want to write it .

-> Nice movie and music but the tanks appear to be very very ancient.

Oh , with this you could insult all Russians nation .

And this is not fanny , because i can't see there(Americans )tanks . I see only old shit . No real military .

God's will have no mercy because of this answer . :)
I wrote , NO old shit .