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I dont want to sound offensive, but personally I hate rap :/

Rap has two sides of it. It has a side which I respect, where its about fighting with words, not fists, about sticking together as brothers and all that

Then it has a dark, sick side. Where violence is encouraged. I mean, a couple of weeks ago on Tim Westwood show I heard a song on it where every other line mentioned the word ni*** (you know what it is :/). Then some guy came on saying you havnt heard rap until you've heard Tim Westwood etc etc. He closed with "So listen to him, ni***". Also a lot of chavs listen to it D:

But as long as you dont go into that habit, enjoy yourself and good luck!


I understand why you do not like rap but I like the stuff I hear. Not everyones cup of tea but sometimes I feel that they are a bit harsh on rap saying that it causes all violence its such crap.


I got 20 members now ! yay Im still looking for some people to be mods.


Congragulations on the 20 members, I am still developing my forums for release soon. Still the low $4.99 monthly subscription price for it. But it will be nice, you should see it now, the forum is outragoues.

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