Hey everyone.
My names Jeremy, and I've been working with hardware level repairs and builds professionally for about a year and a half in Vermont USA. I work at a local computer repair/build store. Essentially the only store with the amount of services we offer in the state for Windows based systems.

I'm the webmaster of Underground Technology, essentially a gamer resource, as well as discussion forum for games on any platform, and help with their computers if it's having issues.

I know a large amount in terms of software, and an ever larger amount in terms of hardware. If anyone has any questions for me don't hesitate to ask me in a private message. And oddly enough, I found this site when looking for a place to host my IRC channel for Underground Technology, and I noticed there isn't much traffic on the IRC side of things on DaniWeb. I didn't know if it's "allowed" to host a normal channel on DaniWeb since the instructions to create one are right on the page to join the DaniWeb channel, so if it's an issue, I don't mind if you take down the 2 channels I created.

Either way, this place looks like a great place to meet people interested in similar things I am.

Hi Jeremy...Welcome to Daniweb Friend :)

Welcome to Daniweb!