ok right now when i am righting this post i have 600 posts (after i send it i will have 601). I also have a rate of 4.68 posts per day.

Now dani has 3,307 posts right now and rate of 3.43 posts per day.

When will my posts surpass hers.

a little few years fella :D

According to my friend's calculations you'll need 2167.2 more days with the same rate and if Dani keeps on that rate too. Are you daring to cross that ??? :D:D:D

for me it'll take 2260 days approximately to reach Dani :cheesy: :cheesy: :eek: :eek:

yeah that is ridiculous i was just curious to see the numbers.

yeah i dont think i would ever catch up because my rate fluxuates all the time and eventually you stop finding things that you can help ppl with.

never shell just boost her posts

the powers :P

never shell just boost her posts

the powers :P

O.K. I guess wat the hell does that mean.

Our Nation just confused me too

I know some ppl have the weirdest expressions.

yes ... most people dont understand me too when I am talking ... but in writing I can express myself.

hey nanosani how did you become a colleague im just curious because i remember that you weren't a colleague before.