hey ppl,This is Navin and i am based in INDIA.I have a Bsc.IT degree with me and i am looking for a strong IT career in Mumbai(INDIA).I am really interested in Programming but have never practised a lot in any of the languages..i am familiar with the basics of most programming languages..i am now looking a job in an IT industry.I have good potential to prove myself and looking for some advices from Daniweb people out here.
I have done a little programming in JAVA,C#,C,C++ and am interested in learning ASP.NET,VB.NET.

In short i want few friends out here to clear my confusions and give me an advice that could take me to the right path in a way where i can find a good career ahead.I am ready to do all the hardwork.Hopefully i will contribute in Daniweb and also help other members few years ahead.

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